2017 Community Grants recipients

The following organisations and individuals were recipients of community grants in 2017.

Community Capacity Building - Paid Staff

Boronia Multicultural Services Ageing in Style $10,000.00
Child Abuse Prevention Service Safe Children, Safe Families in Parramatta $10,000.00
Creating Chances The next step on the Creating Chances Pathway for Parramatta Youth $10,000.00
Diversity Arts Australia Diverse Encounters on Screen $10,000.00
Dundas Area Neighbourhood Centre Promoting Active Citizenship within Asian, African and Middle Eastern Communities $6,812.00
Hope Connect Seedlings Extension - Journeying with stories, through trauma, towards hope $9,930.00
Multiple Sclerosis Limited MS:  Health and Wellbeing Forum in Parramatta $3,664.94
NSW Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service Bat Talks at Parramatta Park $3,289.00
Parramatta/Holroyd Family Support Equipment for group work programs $5,866.00
Police and Citizen's Youth Club Zoom to PCYC Fitness Program $9,860.00
Survivors & Mates Support Network Office Fit Out $10,000.00
Sydney Story Factory Creative Writing Workshops with Sydney Story Factory Parramatta $10,000.00
Sydney Youth Orchestras Western Sydney Youth Orchestra - Principal Chair Ambassador Leadership Program $9,350.00
Symphony For Life Foundation Everybody Sing! $9,900.00
The Helmsman Project The Helmsman Project at Cumberland High $9,915.00
YMCA of Sydney Youth and Community Services NSW StreetgYm Youth Outreach $10,000.00

Community Capacity Building - 100% Voluntary

Chinese Christian Community Service Centre CALD Stroke Club (Chinese Language Resources) $3,000.00
Epping P&C Association Purchase of musical instruments for Epping Public School Band program $4,846.00
Granville Historical Society auspicing Parramatta Female Factory Friends "Her Story" - To promote the Parramatta Female Factory Heritage Core to the Parramatta Community $5,000.00
Parramatta District Men's Shed Pilot program to train local youth in basic heritage restoration techniques $5,000.00
SEVA International Research and Development of a Joint Strategy to address Domestic Violence within the South Asian Community $5,000.00
The Scout Association of Australia, New South Wales Branch, Cumberland Gang Show Cumberland Gang Show $2,900.00
The Scouts Association of Australia NSW Branch auspicing 1st Winston Hills Scouts Hall upgrade - air-conditioning $5,000.00
Victims and Witnesses of Crime Court Support Parramatta Court Support service $3,561.22

Community Capacity Building - Second Phase

Dharma Karta Pty STARS Phase II – Shining brighter and stronger in Constitution Hill $10,000.00
joiningthedots The Welcome Dinner Project $10,000.00
The Shepherd Centre - For Deaf children Kids Music Connect - A music therapy program for children who are deaf and their families from Parramatta $10,000.00

Social Enterprise - Growing Social Enterprise in Parramatta

Parramatta Clay and Arts Clay Cart $25,000.00
StartSomeGood Pty Social Enterprise Community Catalyst $23,000.00
Taste Cultural Food Tours Taste Tours moves to Parramatta $15,000.00
The Bower Reuse and Repair Centre Cooperative Making second hand the new normal $12,000.00

Creative Project Leveraging

Diversity Arts Australia Diverse Futures: Parramatta $19,500.00
FORM Dance Projects auspicing Carl Sciberras Common Anomalies $15,000.00
Nautanki Theatre The Jungle Book $6,450.00
Sydney Youth Orchestras Building The Western SYO $20,000.00
Westwords Parracons $15,000.00

Cultural Heritage and Research Stories Fund

Think & Do Tank Foundation auspicing the Parramatta Female Factory Precinct Memory Project Forgotten Australians & the Stolen Generations of Parramatta Girls Home, Kamballa & Taldree $5,000.00

Creative Fellowship Fund

Fellowship Purpose
Ms Anna McMahon Anna McMahon New Work $20,000.00
Mr David Capra Teena's Dog Show $20,000.00