Animal Responsibility

Your pet relies on you to provide care, food, water, shelter, routine veterinary checkups and exercise. It is imperative, and required by law, that you also microchip and lifetime register your pet. This ensures your pet has the best chance of being returned if it is lost. 

How to microchip your pet For free

Both cats and dogs must be microchipped at the time of sale and the transfer of ownership or at 12 weeks of age, whichever comes first.

There are three City of Parramatta officers who can microchip your pet for free in the convenience of your home if you live within the Local Government Area. To book an appointment:
p: 9806 5050 

How to register your pet for Lifetime Registration 

Once your pet is six months old, it also needs to be registered with City of Parramatta. To register your pet, you will need:

  • a completed Lifetime Registration (R2) Form
  • fee (see details below)
  • a copy of your cat or dog's Verification of Existing Microchip (M1) Form, Permanent Identification (P1A) Form or Certificate of Identification
  • proof your pet has been desexed, if applicable (e.g. Certificate of Sterilisation or receipt containing microchip number from a vet or a statutory declaration from a previous owner stating that the cat or dog has been desexed)

Once you have the details above, you can pay in person or by mail with a cheque, money order or credit card (complete the credit card authorisation form):

  • 126 Church Street Parramatta NSW 2151
  • PO Box 32 Parramatta NSW 2124 

Registration fees are:

  • $201 for undesexed cats and dogs 

  • $55 for desexed cats and dogs

  • $55 Animal not desexed under 6 months of age*

  • $55 for dogs or cats owned by registered breeders

  • $27.50 for desexed dogs and cats sold by eligible pound or shelter**

  • $23 for desexed dogs and cats owned by pensioner

  • $0 for guide and assistance animals***, working dogs and registered greyhounds

    *Enables pet owners intending to have their cat or dog desexed to access the discounted registration fee. The pet must be desexed and the Pet Registry updated before the pet reaches 6 months of age.  If desexing does not occur, then the additional fee of $146 applies. Where the pet is not desexed or the additional fee not paid, the registration is cancelled and penalties may apply.

    **An eligible pound or shelter includes a NSW council pound, the Animal Welfare League NSW, the Cat Protection Society of NSW Inc. and the RSPCA NSW. This is for dog and cats that have been purchased after 29th October 2015 from these shelters or from an eligible rescue group as flagged by the relevant Council Pound/Shelter. 

    ***An assistance animal includes guide dogs, a dog trained to assist a person in activities where hearing is required, and any other animal trained by a recognised training organisation to assist a person to alleviate the effect of a disability.


Change of Address or Owner 

If your pet is microchipped, make sure your address and contact telephone numbers are up to date with the register by updating your pet's information online.

If you have sold or settled your pet in a new home, you can:

This form can be posted to:

City of Parramatta Council
PO Box 32
Parramatta NSW 2124