Update Pet Information

Even if you have done the right thing and had your cat or dog microchipped and lifetime registered, it could still end up in the Animal Holding Facility.

This could be as your information linked to the microchip is outdated - this means City of Parramatta will not be able to find you if your pet is missing.  

Remember as a pet owner you must notify City of Parramatta if:

  • you change your address and/or contact details
  • you give away or sell your pet including both your details and the details on of the new owner 
  • your pet has been missing for more than 72 hours and again when it is found again
  • your pet dies

If you give away or sell your pet or your pet dies, you will also need to update your pet's details on the NSW Companion Animals Register with your details and the details of the new owner.

Failing to update your pet's microchip information can result in an on the spot penalty of $165.

Avoid losing your pet and paying fines by updating your pet's information below or email council@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au for more details.

(15 digits)


By submitting this form I agree that I am the lawful owner of this animal and that all details are true and correct. I am aware that I may be fined for providing false or misleading information.