Public Spaces For Hire

Parramatta Town Hall at night from the front

Dreaming of a formal wedding housed in a historic, sandstone landmark? Seeking a venue for a kids' party with its own playground, or two? Looking for a place for your dance recital that will accommodate all of your students, plus friends and family? City of Parramatta's Halls, Community Centres and Meeting Rooms provide a wonderful opportunity for residents and visitors to participate in a wide range of social, recreational and cultural activities.

Our multipurpose facilities cater for a variety of interests and budgets across a number of suburbs - plus, they are available for hire at very reasonable rates on a casual or permanent basis. Prices vary across the range of properties that are available, depending on the room and the type of activity.

For full details across the properties, visit Community Centres, Halls and Meeting Rooms.


p: 02 9806 5140
f: 02 9806 5927