Garbage Trucks cleaning up.


You can put the following items out to be pick up:

  • branches (bundles 1.5m long or less)
  • furniture
  • mattresses
  • white goods (doors must be removed)

You can't put out:

  • car parts
  • food scraps or household rubbish
  • hazardous waste (including chemicals, gas bottles, medical waste, paint)
  • industrial, trade or building materials
  • sheet glass (including mirrors and door glass)
  • tree trunks, thorny bushes, grass or leaves

Materials must be placed neatly on your nature strip on a date indicated below.
Example: For Zone 1 / Clean-Up 2, place materials out on Sunday, 2 April, as we only pick up between 3 April and 7 April, 2017.

2017 Clean-up Schedule

  Clean Up 1
Clean Up 2 Clean Up 3 Clean Up 4
ZONE 1Pre-Book2 Apr 17Pre-Book17 Sep 17
ZONE 2Pre-Book9 Apr 17Pre-Book24 Sep 17
ZONE 3Pre-Book16 Apr 17Pre-Book1 Oct 17
ZONE 4Pre-Book23 Apr 17Pre-Book8 Oct 17
ZONE 5Pre-Book30 April 17Pre-Book15 Oct 17
ZONE 6Pre-Book7 May 17Pre-Book22 Oct 17
ZONE 7Pre-Book14 May 17Pre-Book29 Oct 17
ZONE 8Pre-Book21 May 17Pre-Book5 Nov 17
ZONE 9Pre-Book28 May 17Pre-BookContact Cumberland Council
ZONE 10Pre-Book4 Jun 17Pre-BookContact Cumberland Council
ZONE 11Pre-Book11 Jun 17Pre-BookContact Cumberland Council
ZONE 12Pre-Book18 Jun 17Pre-BookContact Cumberland Council

You will receive a Clean-up Calendar for your area at the beginning of each year. Alternatively, contact the Waste Hotline on 9806 5544 to find out when your next designated clean-up is.

Find your clean-up collection zone

Use the location search field below to find your collection zone and the date range for scheduled clean-ups. 

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Book a household clean-up 

You can book up to two clean-ups if you need items picked up at times outside of the two City of Parramatta scheduled clean-ups.

To book a clean-up, complete your details and submit the form below, or call 02 9621 7222 to arrange a date for collection.


We will use the above number to confirm your submission and arrange a date for collection.

NO items re to be left on the nature strip in front of your property until the evening before your collection date.