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Recycle Right

Clothing and E-waste Trial

The City of Parramatta Council is conducting a 12 month trial for the collection and recovery of e-waste and textiles from medium and high density apartment complexes.  

The trial aims to provide residents in apartment blocks with a safe and easy option to recycle their e-waste and old clothing and textiles – keeping valuable resources in use for longer and through cost effective services.  

The trial will run at no cost to the building or its tenants, with buildings selected to participate based on size, location, the space available for additional bins, and access requirements. 

To find out more or register your interest, email 

Why We're Running the Trial

The rapid turnover of both textiles and electronics means that these wastes are increasing, and while we encourage our residents to avoid waste through choosing long lasting items or repairing where possible, we also need to manage these wastes effectively.

E-waste in particular can present a real challenge if not disposed of correctly. By providing a shared bin in apartment complexes for e-waste, Council hopes to complement the existing book-in service available to residents and reduce the risks that these items present to waste collection vehicles and receiving facilities when incorrectly disposed of via the kerbside bins.  

Not in the trial? Other options for Recycling your E-waste or old Clothing

The City of Parramatta provides a Mobile Community Recycling Service that residents can use to book in an e-waste collection.  To book a pick-up visit the Problem Waste website or call Council's Waste Hotline on 9806 5544. For other options to safely dispose of your e-waste please click here.

For old clothing, consider selling them on Gumtree, eBay or Freecycle, or maybe donate them to one of the great second hand stores in City of Parramatta.

There are also a range of services offered by retailers and charities to recycle your old textiles or re-home them to people in need – for details, check out Recycling Near You.

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