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COVID-19: - Strict lockdown restrictions now apply for Parramatta LGA. Read more >

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Coffee Cup Crusade

Reusable coffee cups

To encourage more people to use reusable cups instead of disposable cups for their coffee, City of Parramatta is partnering with four local cafés in the Parramatta CBD to host a promotion for customers who choose to re-use.

Council will be distributing vouchers to residents at workshops, tours, community events and festivals, as well as to businesses and staff in the CBD, which they can use to get a FREE coffee with a re-usable cup at the following cafés in the Parramatta CBD:

  • Beanie Cafe - 2/10-14 Smith Street, Parramatta
  • Chambers Fine Coffee - 1/169 Macquarie Street, Parramatta
  • Mazeh Cafe - 13, 55-67 George Street, Parramatta (inside Parramall)
  • Esquire Cafe - 2-103 George Street, Parramatta    

Why are we doing this promotion?

Three billion takeaway cups are thrown away each year in Australia as a direct result of our daily brew. Those takeaway cups and lids are resource-intensive to produce, chewing through trees, water, and oil and usually end up landfilled or littered. It is time to enact a change and say no to unnecessary waste.

How are we making the change?

City of Parramatta is partnering with Responsible Cafés which asks cafés to offer a small discount for customers who bring in their reusable cups. This simple act encourages customers to choose reusable cups over disposable cups and helps to address the problem from the source. More than 3,500 cafes have already signed up with Responsible Cafés in Australia and are doing their bit for the environment. We want cafés in Parramatta and Western Sydney to know and embrace this great initiative.

What can I do to help?

Remember to bring a reusable cup every time for getting your coffee. If you are already doing that, then please be our Coffee Cup Crusader and help to spread the word by asking your local café to join Responsible CafésYour voice as customers really matters. 

Here are some resources to help you along:

Want to provide feedback and be notified about future promotions?

If you’d like to get your hands on some vouchers for your work place or community group, follow us on Facebook at Liveable Parramatta. We’d love to hear from you.