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Parramatta’s new aquatic leisure centre

June 2021

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The site of the Parramatta aquatic and leisure centre is currently being prepared for construction and as part of this process the removal of some trees will be required. Our construction partner, Lipman, has been working closely with an arborist, to understand and minimise any impacts on heritage, as well as nominating specific tree protection zones and trees of significance. A review of hollow-bearing trees for wildlife has been conducted and whilst no wildlife was detected, bird/ animal boxes have been placed on site. In total, 186 trees will be removed, including Gum trees and Chinese Weeping Elms. These trees will be chipped and re-used on site.

Importantly, a total of 489 trees will be re-planted on site, representing an additional 303 trees. Most trees that will be planted will be Bursaria Spinosa (commonly known as Native Blackthorn) as well eucalyptus and paperbark trees that are indigenous to the east of Australia. The replanting of trees will occur in the final stages of the project as part of landscape masterplan.

The tree removal is part of the Development Application that was publicly exhibited and approved in December 2020.



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Artist impressions of the new Aquatic and Leisure Centre