Planning a New Aquatic Leisure Centre for Parramatta


The City is planning an exciting, new aquatic leisure centre that will serve the needs of our growing community for the next 50 years and beyond.

Parramatta is rapidly transitioning into Sydney’s Central City, with a growing residential and worker population, higher density living and significant infrastructure.

Research completed by the City suggests that a contemporary centre is necessary to meet current and future community needs, and the new centre could include indoor and outdoor pools, programming pools, water play and even spaces for other complementary recreational activities such as gyms and cafes.

There is important planning work to do before construction can start on this significant project. City of Parramatta is working closely with stakeholders, ratepayers and residents, the State Government and the Parramatta Park Trust to make the new centre a reality. Your say will have vital importance to the success of any new centre.  

Keep an eye on this page as we provide updates about planning a new aquatic leisure centre for Parramatta.

Current Status

On 31 March 2017, the NSW Government announced that it will contribute $30 million for a new aquatic leisure centre, providing certainty that a new pool will be built in the City.

Following this announcement, City of Parramatta will now identify additional funding options of up to $30 million to be provisionally allocated to the project to ensure that the design and facilities of the new aquatic centre meet the expectations of the community and the future needs of our growing City.  Strategies to fast-track delivery of the new centre will also be considered.

The funding provided by the State Government will enable City of Parramatta to develop a facility at least equivalent to the current swimming pool, and the City is currently undertaking widespread public consultation to determine what additional features the community would like to see included.  Concept options for the centre based on the chosen site, community and stakeholder input, and feasibility and financial modelling will inform the final business case.

The site details for the new pool will be finalised once community consultation currently being undertaken by Parramatta Park Trust as part of its Master Planning process for the broader Mays Hill Precinct has concluded. See the Aquatics Site Suitability Study (Stage 1 of the master plan) to read more about potential sites identified for the new centre.

Stay Informed

Receive future updates on both the planning of a new aquatic leisure centre and on interim swimming arrangements:
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1. Why is the Parramatta Swimming Centre closing?
State Government has directed that the Parramatta Swimming Centre will be closing on 31 March 2017 to make way for the new Western Sydney Stadium. The new stadium will be a larger venue requiring a greater surrounding radius, including circulation zones for pedestrian and emergency vehicle access. 

2. Where can we swim after the closure on 31 March 2017?
City of Parramatta is investigating interim and alternative arrangements to ensure ongoing access to aquatic facilities for the community until a new centre is planned such as constructing temporary indoor options and reciprocal arrangements with neighbouring facilities. City of Parramatta has allocated $1 million for interim aquatic facility options and is working with Macarthur Girls High School and the NSW Department of Education to find ways to improve capacity for learn-to-swim programs. 

3. When will the new aquatic leisure centre be opened?
There is a lot of work to be done in planning the new centre before construction can begin. City of Parramatta is working closely with the Parramatta Park Trust and the State Government to deliver this project to the community as soon as possible.

4. Where will the new aquatic leisure centre be located?
Within the Mays Hill Precinct, two potential sites in have been identified in the site suitability study undertaken by City of Parramatta and investigations are continuing to confirm a preferred location through the precinct master plan: 

  • corner of Park Parade and Pitt Street (north of Jubilee Avenue walkway)
  • current Parramatta High School oval site (adjacent Pitt Street)

If one of these two sites are proven feasible, this means that aquatic services would remain in Parramatta Park and maintain similar proximity and access to the Parramatta CBD, nearby residents and public transport options. If the oval site is chosen, a new sports fields for Parramatta High School would need to be identified in the Mays Hill Precinct.

Parramatta Park Trust is seeking community views on a preferred location as part of their planning on the Mays Hill Precinct Master Plan. For more information on the Master Plan, please visit their website or contact them on:
p: 02 9232 9500

5. How can I contact Western Sydney Stadium?
1800 962 221