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Rydalmere Park Masterplan

Rydalmere Park - a place for people

Rydalmere Park is an important community asset, located at a strategic position within the Eastern Central Precinct of Parramatta LGA. The site encompasses 6.4 hectares of open space and associated facilities, including sportsfields, playground, courts, and a former bowling club.

Following extensive community and stakeholder consultation, an analysis of recreation trends, and a thorough investigation of the physical condition of the site, a new masterplan has been developed for Rydalmere Park.

Key Features of the Masterplan

The Masterplan is designed to bring the “Park” back into Rydalmere Park. Its vision is to create a memorable park experience and destination that fulfils the needs of the growing community for open space and recreation.

The Masterplan proposes the following improvements for the park:

  • Enhance sporting infrastructure to meet current and future needs, including a synthetic field to meet Football NSW National Premier League requirements
  • Creative use of the former Bowling Club site for multiple community, recreational, sporting and social purposes
  • Increased vegetation, shade, shelter and seating to reinforce the park setting and create shade and amenity
  • Improved connectivity across the site, including formalised north/south access
  • Upgraded informal recreation spaces, e.g. playground, multipurpose court and circuit path
  • Maintenance of the existing amenities building.

Masterplan Implementation

City of Parramatta has been successful in receiving a grant from the NSW Office of Sport to undertake the first stage of works. The works are anticipated to be completed in 2021 and include:

  • Upgrade of Field 3 to a synthetic field and associated infrastructure to meet National Premier League 2 requirements
  • Upgrade of Fields 1 and 2
  • Reconfiguration of parking to facilitate field upgrades.

More Information

For more information, see the full Rydalmere Park Precinct Masterplan Report.