Regulations for Fitness Trainers

If you're a fitness professional and you'd like to conduct sessions for group fitness or personal training in our parks and reserves or use our sport fields or courts, you'll need to get a permit. Permits are allocated on a seasonal basis for activities including:

  • aerobics
  • resistance training with or without equipment
  • boxing and kick boxing
  • yoga
  • tai chi
  • circuit.

Ball games or field sport training is not included. 


Winter season permit – March to September
Summer season permit – September to March

Obtaining your permit

Contact the City of Parramatta's Recreation Services Officer on 9806 5718 for the application form and guidelines to begin the permit approval process.

permit validity

Permits are valid for 26 weeks and allocated in line with the seasonal sports field hiring process. You'll need to renew your permit at the end of each season.


You'll need to pay for your Fitness Trainers Permit, the relevant sports field hire fee and bond. 

Fitness trainers permit fee

Participants Cost
1-2 $249.10
3-9 $501.30


Figures are based on a full season. Permits issued during the season will be charged on a pro rata basis.

Sports field hire fee

Grade Field Cost
D $144.60
C $178.10


A comprehensive list of sports fields and their grading can be requested. 

Netball court hire fee

$71.40 per day per season


Participants Cost
1-9 $250
10-18 $500

Bonds are payable prior to commencement. 


A fitness trainer using a D grade sports field 2 days per week with a group size of 7.

Permit fee - $501.30

Sports field hire fee - $144.60 x 2 = $289.20

TOTAL = $790.50 + $250 bond for the season.

Training at night

If you wish to run your training sessions at night, you'll need to pay extra for the use of floodlighting. There are limited fields available due to heavy use by seasonal hirers. Please contact the City of Parramatta's Recreation Services Officer for current availability. 

Permitted training areas

Sports fields, parks, reserves, netball courts and tennis courts.

Areas not permitted

The following areas are now permitted for fitness training:

  • areas of cultural or natural significance
  • cemeteries
  • within a 10m radius of any memorials
  • within a 10m radius of any picnic sheds or benches
  • within a 10m radius of any playgrounds or play equipment
  • within a 10m radius of any public change room, toilet or kiosk areas
  • Centenary Square
  • within a 50m radius of any surrounding residential property
  • roadways (including roadside footpaths and on-road cycle ways).

Sharing the field

On most occasions especially at night, you'll need to share space with an existing primary hirer such as the local soccer or rugby league club. We'll arrange an on site meeting with you, the primary hirer and a Council staff member to discuss allocation prior to approving the permit.

Fitness trainers must ensure minimum disruption or interference to the general public's rights of access and enjoyment of the public open space.

Group size

The maximum amount of participants permitted for each permit is 18. If you have more than 18 participants, you you'll need to apply for an additional permit. 

Fitness training companies are limited to a group size of 54.

Authorised fitness trainers

Authorised fitness trainers are issued with a feather banner that needs to be displayed during all fitness sessions. Council issued wallet sized permits, detailing permitted session details such as days, times and locations should also be readily available should patrolling rangers and Council officers will request to sight the permit.