Wet Weather

Wet Weather Line

p: 9294 8586

City of Parramatta has established a special Wet Weather number that provides up-to-date information on sports fields in the local governmental area.

The use of a sporting field following significant rainfall can damage the playing surface and create safety concerns. To ensure that our sporting fields are maintained in good condition, it is necessary for City of Parramatta to temporarily close grounds until they are suitable for use again.

All users and hiring users must observe sporting field closures, as liability for the cost of rectifying any wet weather damage will be incurred. 

If you would like to check the status of a sports ground during wet weather, please contact our Wet Weather Line on 9294 8586. The line is updated at 3:00pm on weekdays and before 7:00am on Saturdays. 

Parameters of sports fields closures:

  • closed for the night of the closure, and
  • the following day, until the Wet Weather Line is updated again in the afternoon

Users are encouraged to monitor the information daily, as grounds can remain closed for several days after a period of rain.

Sports field floodlighting is not operational when fields are closed.