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Park and Reserve Hire

Max Ruddock Cricket Wicket and Nets
Eric Primrose Reserve Soccer Fields
Sports grounds will reopen for outdoor sporting competitions from Wednesday 1 July for both adults and children. Further information can be found on the NSW Office of Sport website.

City of Parramatta Council plays a significant role in the provision of open space parks and outdoor recreation.

It provides hubs for the community to engage with each other, and promotes physical activity and social inclusion. We manage bookings for over 80 playing fields and hard courts all up.

With over 10,000 sports participants, including more than 100 sports clubs and associations using Parramatta sports fields and facilities annually, we have in demand space that needs to be well regulated and maintained to ensure that we can continue to provide high quality, safe and reliable fields and facilities for use throughout the year.

Seasonal hire

City of Parramatta's sports fields are available to sporting clubs on a seasonal basis. Prior the commencement of each season, club must express their interest in hiring a field at one of Council's Sportsground Allocation Meetings. If successful, each club must sign a Licence Agreement where they agree to abide by the terms and conditions of hire. 

Any Club wishing to apply for a Seasonal Allocation will complete the Seasonal Application Form. 

With the increasing demand for the use of City of Parramatta's sporting grounds from current clubs, Council is unable to guarantee the availability of grounds to newly formed Clubs or the possibility of increasing an existing club's allocation.

Seasonal dates differ from year to year however they are generally based on the following:

  • Winter Season: Early April to 1st week of September.
  • Summer Season: Mid-September to second last/ or last week of March.

Between each season City of Parramatta requires a minimum of two weeks to carry out necessary maintenance works like removing/ erecting goal posts and uncovering/ covering cricket pitches. This is known as the season changeover period.

Casual hire

City of Parramatta's parks and reserves provide a wonderful opportunity for residents and visitors to participate in a wide range of social, recreational, community and cultural activities.

Parks and reserves are available for hire on a casual basis. Prices and permits vary depending on the park and/or reserve and the type of activity.

Please be advised that playgrounds and barbecue/ picnic facilities cannot be reserved. Barbecue and Picnic Facilities are available for social gatherings for free for groups of 50 people or under on a first come first served basis. Users are responsible for cleaning the hotplates after use, out of respect for the next users. 

To ensure community land is managed effectively and safeguarded against potential damage, user conflict and any adverse effects to the residential amenity, any organised activity in City of Parramatta's parks and reserves require the express permission from Council's Booking Office.

Please click here for a List of all Parks and Reserves and their respective facilities within the Parramatta Local Government Area (LGA).

School hire

Both local and non local schools wishing to utilise Council's sports fields for school sport must complete an application form and obtain approval prior to use.

For schools looking to hold a School Athletics Carnival Barton Park is the most suitable location and an application form must be submitted for Council's assessment.

Booking enquiries

p: 9806 5140
f: 9806 5927
e: bookings@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au 


Please complete the below application form after checking facility availability with the booking office and reviewing the terms and conditions of hire. 

Application for the Casual Use of Parks, Reserves and Sportsgrounds

Terms and Conditions for the Seasonal and Casual Use of Parks and Reserves

Costs for hire can be found in 2019-20 City of Parramatta Fees and Charges.