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Park upgrades

Junction Street Plaza

Junction Street Plaza is the project name we are giving to the under-utilized land under the M4 at Granville (see map below). With the community’s input and some NSW Government funding we are hoping to transform Warawara Reserve and the area surrounding it into a welcoming and safe open space for adventure and nature play, socialising and recreation. 

Following two rounds of community consultation, we are pleased to announce construction on Junction Street Plaza will start late-May with the new urban park expected to open to the public in September 2024. Visit Participate Parramatta, to find out more and follow the project. 

Junction Street under the M4 in Parramatta

What we heard

In Stage 1 of community consultation (February 2023), we asked people to share ideas on how they wanted to use this space. There were focus groups with young people and we undertook broad engagement. There were 122 contributions and 35 people participated in detailed feedback sessions.

In Stage 2 engagement (November 2023), we shared a concept design based on the community’s vision for Junction Street Plaza. We followed-up with young people who had participated in Stage 1 engagement, and undertook wider community consultation, resulting in 94 submissions across the quick poll and the online submission form.

In the quick poll:

  • (47%) of respondents absolutely liked the design and supported the project
  • (36%) of respondents somewhat liked the design
  • (9%) were neutral 
  • (9%) did not like or support the project.

The community told us the design features they most supported were the parkour and climbing elements, table tennis, and beginner parkour area. 

But most of all, respondents were eager to see the area transformed with planting to create a cooler more welcoming green space. 

The second priority was colourful artwork. Art was linked to creating a welcoming, activated and safe environment.

Junction Street Plaza

Junction Street Plaza design

What’s next?

We’ll review community feedback, refine the design and once it’s approved we’re on our way. If all goes to plan, we’ll start work in February and Junction Street Plaza will open mid-to-late 2024.

The 1,000m2 Junction Street Plaza has the potential to be the first piece of a much larger recreational open space. With more funding and a partnership with the NSW Government, we’re hoping to transform much more of this area into a green space for community use and create a 5,800m2 recreational area called the Central City Parkway.

Visit Participate Parramatta, to find out more and follow the project

Contact us

Call 1300 617 058 and ask for the Community Engagement team

Proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with City of Parramatta.

The Places to Play program helps to increase equitable access to public open space through a 16.7million investment in projects that provide for adventure, nature and water based play activities such as mountain biking, scooter and skate places and pump tracks. 

Places to Play supports investment in nature and water playspaces to promote recreation and connection with nature for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

For more information see Places to Play

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