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Plans of management

Council manages a diverse network of approximately 375 parks and reserves throughout the local government area (LGA). This is made up of Community and Crown Land that was formerly located within five different LGAs (Auburn, Holroyd, Hornsby, Parramatta and The Hills) prior to the local government boundary changes that created the City of Parramatta in May 2016.

These parks and reserves include sporting fields, playgrounds, courts, fitness equipment, picnic and BBQ facilities. They provide a range of recreational opportunities to meet the evolving needs of our growing and diverse community, and also protect pockets of bushland and waterways that provide important habitat for our native plants and animals.

Council is required to prepare a plan of management to guide the use of all Community and Crown land under its care and control. The plan of management provides a transparent and consistent decision-making framework to guide use and must:

  • categorise the land based upon its characteristics and intended use/s
  • identify core objectives, performance targets and actions
  • authorise permissible activities and uses (including leases and licences)

Currently, there are 13 plans of management that apply to these 375 parks and reserves.

Land categories

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The Local Government Act 1993 and Crown Land Management Act 2016 requires that all Council owned or managed land be categorised based on its physical characteristics and use/s as one or more of the following categories:

  • area of cultural significance
  • general community use
  • natural area (bushland, escarpment, foreshore, watercourse, wetland)
  • park
  • sportsground

Plan of management

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Community and Crown land must also be managed in accordance with an adopted plan of management to ensure a consistent and transparent approach in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 1993 and Crown Land Management Act 2016.

Draft Community and Crown Land Plan of Management

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To consolidate and harmonise the existing thirteen plans of management, Council has developed a draft Community and Crown Land Plan of Management informed by your feedback from stage one consultation as well as statutory requirements and best-practice. It is a single generic plan of management for all Community and Crown Land under Council’s management.

The new Plan of Management will ensure a consistent decision-making framework that reflects current legislation, community values and management issues. It permits a broad range of activities, facilities and uses to maximise the activation and enjoyment of Community and Crown land to meet the growing needs of our increasingly diverse community.


Section 38 of the LG Act requires councils to give public notice of a draft plan of management, and specifies both the public exhibition and public submission timeframe.

As part of the Public Exhibition Process, the public hearing was held as a video conference via the platform Zoom on Wednesday 26 July 2023 at 6:00pm.


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