Wentworth Point Library


Work is underway to create a new library and community centre for the community of Wentworth Point at Footbridge Boulevard, next to the Bennelong Bridge. The ground and first floors, comprising 3200 sq metres, of a new residential apartment block, have been allocated for this major new community facility.

The developer started work on the project with the former Auburn Council in 2014 as part of a voluntary planning agreement. Following Council amalgamations in May 2016 Wentworth Point became part of the City of Parramatta, making it the City of Parramatta’s responsibility to complete.

Upon inspection of the building work in October 2016, City of Parramatta identified some building issues which need to be addressed.

These building issues are likely to impact on the delivery date of the centre, and also aspects of the final design.

The City of Parramatta is working to identify solutions and will conduct further community consultation regarding the interior design of the building’s spaces as part of reaching a solution.

The community of Wentworth Point has grown substantially since the plans for a library and community centre were first discussed – especially at the Northern end where the facility will be located. This also needs to be considered. We are keen to engage with as many residents as possible. Community consultation will occur March - April 2017.

What this means for the project?

Fixing the building issues will now mean that the opening of the Centre will be delayed until 2018.

Next Steps

Next steps for the project include City of Parramatta:

  • working with the developer to finalise the building works
  • conducting further community consultation regarding the interior design of the spaces and services - this will in be March-April 2017

How will I be updated about the project?

The City is committed to working with the Wentworth Point community and will provide regular updates on the project as it progresses.

More information

e: wentworthpointlibrary@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au