Public Domain Guidelines

The public spaces of a city, its streets, parks, lanes and squares are collectively know as the public domain. These vital areas provide space for social interaction and cultural activity.

Approval is required to carry out development on land that is owned or managed by City of Parramatta Council, and land that will be dedicated to the City. This includes public domain work on roads, drainage, footpaths, landscaping and other public lands.

The Parramatta Public Domain Guidelines sets the protocol for all public domain improvements in the City of Parramatta. You can download the full Public Domains Guidelines below. 



Design Parramatta

Design Parramatta map

Run by City of Parramatta and NSW Government in Architect's Office, Design Parramatta is an innovative project that involved over 80 designers and artist in re-imaging Parramatta's public domain to enhance the city's image and competitiveness. The concepts created by the project have been incorporated into the city's Public Domain Framework Plan. 

As individual projects are implemented over the next decade, this public space renewal will transform the city into a truly memorable place, attracting residents and employees to drive the city’s sustainable growth.


Download the Public Domain Framework Plan below.