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Road Safety

Child Restraint Fitting/Adjustment Voucher Program

All children must be safely fastened in the correct child car seat for their age and size. A child who is properly secured in an approved child car seat is less likely to be injured or killed in a car crash than one who is not.

As part of the Local Government Road Safety Program, City of Parramatta Council runs a free child restraint fitting/adjustment program which provides the opportunity for residents of City of Parramatta to obtain a voucher to have their child restraint fitted/adjusted for free by Council’s selected Transport for NSW (TfNSW) authorised fitter. You can watch the installation process and learn how to adjust shoulder straps to appropriate heights and find out when a child is ready to move to a bigger seat.

To register your interest in obtaining a voucher, please email the following details to roadsafety@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au

  1. Name:
  2. Address:
  3. A copy of either of the below documents as proof of your address:

         - A current NSW driver's license or NSW photo card showing current residential address or
         - A recent utility bill for either, electricity; gas; internet; home phone; current rental lease agreement
            or rates notice, reflecting your residential address

4.  Number of Child Restraints you would like checked or fitted:

Note a maximum of two vouchers/per residential address may be requested. This is a very popular program and we need to ensure we can help as many families as possible due to limited funding. The voucher must be redeemed by 1 September 2020.  

Your request will then be reviewed and you will be contacted by Council’s Road Safety Officer.

Conditions apply:

  • This service is available to City of Parramatta residents only and excludes Family Day Carers.
  • One voucher per child restraint (to be checked or fitted) is too be redeemed with Council’s selected fitter at the time of booking.
  • The voucher includes the installation of a gated buckle if required. Note if any other hardware such as extension straps or anchor bolts are needed, the customer will need to pay the cost to the fitter, at the time of fitting.
  • Due to high demand and funding availability. Vouchers may be limited and must be redeemed before the expiry date.

Did you know

National Child Restraint Laws are:

  • Children up to the age of six months must be secured in an approved rearward facing restraint
  • Children aged from six months old but under four years old must be secured in either a rear or forward facing approved child restraint with an inbuilt harness
  • Children under four years old cannot travel in the front seat of a vehicle with two or more rows.
  • Children aged from four years old but under seven years old must be secured in a forward facing approved child restraint with an inbuilt harness or an approved booster seat.
  • Children aged from four years old but under seven years old cannot travel in the front seat of a vehicle with two or more rows, unless all other back seats are occupied by children younger than seven years in an approved child restraint or booster seat.
  • Children aged from seven years old but under 16 years old who are too small to be restrained by a seatbelt properly adjusted are strongly recommended to use an approved booster seat.
  • Children in booster seats must be restrained by a suitable lap and sash type approved seatbelt that is properly adjusted and fastened, or by a suitable approved child safety harness that is properly adjusted and fastened.
  • If your child is too small for the child restraint specified for their age, they should be kept in their current child restraint until it is safe for them to move to the next level.
  • If your child is too large for the child restraint specified for their age, they may move to the next level of child restraint.

For further information regarding the legal fitting of child car seats, please click here and refer to the Child Car Seats website for detailed information.

‘Hold My Hand’ road safety message

Hold my hand

Council is working with the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation to proactively raise road safety awareness of child pedestrian safety.

To support this, City of Parramatta is offering Learning Centres/Schools within the LGA a FREE ‘Hold My Hand’ road safety sign. The sign is bright and made of long lasting honeycomb material (600x300mm). The sign has predrilled holes on four corners and heavy-duty cable ties will be supplied to allow you to install the sign on a fence or pole within your Learning Centre/School property. Alternatively, you may also install the sign on a wall or window using an adhesive of your choice.

It is suggested that the sign be placed in a location so that visitors can see it as they are exiting your Learning Centre/School.

Furthermore, Council acknowledges each Learning Centre/School has Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities which require different needs in regards to communicating road safety messages. Council invites Learning Centres and Schools to nominate their preferred language and Council will investigate the opportunity to provide this sign in the nominated language.

In conjunction with the sign, Council encourages the use of resources readily available at The Little Blue Dinosaur website and Kids and Traffic website (for Learning Centres) and Safety Town website (for Primary Schools) to initiate ‘Road Safety’ talks with children and families to support child pedestrian safety.

Sign numbers are limited. Should you wish to have a ‘Hold My Hand’ sign provided to you, please email your request to Council’s Road Safety Officer at roadsafety@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au.

Free workshop for supervisors of learner drivers

In preparation of young adults obtaining their Learners licence, City of Parramatta Council in conjunction with Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) holds free workshops for Supervisors of Learner Drivers.

Who should attend the free workshop?

This workshop would benefit those who are supervising or planning to supervise a Learner Driver. Learner Drivers are also encouraged to attend with their supervising drivers.

The FREE workshop offers practical advice to Supervisors of Learner Drivers on how to help Learner Drivers become safer drivers.

This workshop will provide information about:

  • Completing the Learner Driver electronic and written logbook.
  • Discussing recent changes to the GLS and the new SAFER DRIVERS COURSE.
  • Understanding the current laws for L and P licence holders. Supervising learner drivers.
  • Understanding the benefits of supervised on-road driving experience.

To enquire when the next workshop is scheduled or to discuss holding a free workshop at your school, sports association or youth group, please email City of Parramatta’s Road Safety Officer at roadsafety@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au or phone (02) 9806 5768

Licence conditions explain the Graduated Licensing Scheme process, as well as some of the restrictions that apply to learner and P-plate drivers.

The Safer Drivers Course helps learner drivers identify risks on the roads. Speed management, hazard awareness and safe following distances are some of the strategies in the course’s theoretical and practical sessions, which earn learner drivers 20 hours of log-book credit.