Parramatta Town Hall


It’s time to welcome back Parramatta Town Hall. This iconic landmark building’s recent restoration has returned its architectural charm, and with modern enhancements it’s now ready to embrace its next exciting phase.

newly renovated Parramatta Town Hall


The newly renovated Parramatta Town Hall is officially relaunched. Your opportunity to host celebrations, presentations, fundraisers, weddings, cultural events and more, is now!

Brightly lit image of the Great Hall ceiling, windows and ornamental details


The backdrop is of historical beauty and timeless elegance. State-of-the-art audio-visual services and lighting have been incorporated, and the choice of accredited catering services is yours. We’d love to welcome your event.

Guided Tours

Guided Tours

Be among the first to experience Parramatta Town Hall's newest chapter. Join our guided building tour and explore the heritage-listed architectural beauty, learn about our landmark's rich history, and its contribution to Parramatta throughout time. 

Historical black and white image of the town hall, with a car and people in front of it

Connected to Parramatta’s history

Parramatta Town Hall officially opened in 1883 as ‘a place for community meetings, concerts and other recreational activities. Having served as a key gathering space over the past 140 years, the recent restoration provides a landmark opportunity to continue this tradition well into the future

close up of the town hall's exterior with tree branches off to the side

Architecture and design

Parramatta Town Hall’s grand aesthetic mixes various European architectural styles in what’s known as ‘Victorian Free Classical’. Today, Parramatta Town Hall connects through to PHIVE, our new community, cultural and civic hub, seamlessly blending heritage architecture with contemporary design, and a new light-filled terrace adjoins the bustling Parramatta Square.

People dining

Plan your event at Parramatta Town Hall

Looking to host your next event? Find your ideal space at Parramatta Town Hall with five unique hireable spaces for events of all kinds - from galas, dinners, concerts, community events, talks, meetings and conferences, exhibitions and more.

image of the modern extension behind the original town hall, a glass exterior with bright red and orange gradient roof

Visit our sister venue: PHIVE

Our heritage venue connects seamlessly with the award-winning, striking PHIVE - Parramatta’s world-class community, cultural and civic hub. Parramatta Town Hall can be hired on its own, or in conjunction with a range of contemporary, light filled spaces within PHIVE.