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North Rocks Park Precinct Masterplan

North Rocks Park

John Wearn Reserve is now open!

John Wearn Reserve is now open for the community. Enjoy the Safari theme playground, dog park, multicourt, fitness equipment, amphitheatre, skate park and new amenities block.

View images of the new upgrades below.

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The City of Parramatta is developing a Master Plan for North Rocks Park and John Wearn Reserve, referred to as the ‘North Rocks Park Precinct, Carlingford’. The Master Plan will make recommendations for the entire Park Precinct including building use, condition and placement as well as the surrounding parkland, sports fields and recreation and community facilities.

The North Rocks Park Precinct Master Plan has been funded by the NSW State Government under the Stronger Communities Fund.

Project update

December 2020

John Wearn Reserve is now open for the community.

Enjoy the Safari theme playground, dog park, multicourt, fitness equipment, amphitheatre, skate park and new amenities block.

July 2020

John Wearn Reserve is almost complete, with the Contractor focusing on installation of park furniture such as custom picnic shelters, BBQs, drinking fountains and bins. Planting of trees and groundcover plants has commenced, with a total of 100 additional trees and almost 26,000 new plants! 

Download the July update flyer

May 2020

Over the past two months, the Contractor has advanced many elements of the park, including the dry creek bed which will feature groundcover planting, commencement of the amenities building and completion of fitness equipment for a full body workout. The majority of concrete paths have also been poured, which will form an enjoyable circuit path around the entire park.

Download the May update flyer

January 2020

The Contractor has made significant progress with the installation of concrete retaining walls, hit up wall, futsal/basketball hoops and a netball ring in the multi-use court. All play equipment items have been installed in the playground, including totem poles, multiplay tower, swingset, balancing structure, spider net climber and teepee.

Download the January update flyer

October 2019

The new lights were delivered as part of the Stage 1 North Rocks Master Plan and through $120,000 funding from the NSW Government’s Stronger Communities Fund, and a contribution of $50,000 from the Hills Football Association. 

North Rocks Park as part of the North Rocks Master Plan has undergone a major lighting upgrade with six new metal LED lighting poles, these new lights will be operated by a smartphone app and have the capacity to operate at 50 lux or 100 lux.

Download the October update flyer

About North Rocks Park

North Rocks Park comprises 7.4ha of land and contains Crown Land reserved for Public Recreation (currently used as the sportsground) as well as community land classified as ‘Bushland’ and ‘Park’.

North Rocks Park is a well utilised and valued community asset with multiple elements and community uses. The park contains a Senior Citizens Centre, North Rocks Tennis Courts, and the Don Moore Community Centre. There is also a sportsground, cricket nets, walking path and playground. A childcare centre within the park was recently constructed by City of Parramatta Council.

The Bushland trees within North Rocks Park contains two mapped Endangered Ecological Communities; Sydney Turpentine-Ironbark Forest (~0.5ha) and Blue Gum High Forest (~3 ha).

About John Wearn Reserve

John Wearn Reserve comprises 2.4ha of land located on the corner of Farnell Ave and Balaka Drive, Carlingford. John Wearn has a wide range of facilities catering for all ages. It is a key passive recreational area containing BBQ and picnic areas, circuit bike/walking tracks, an enclosed playground, basketball/netball practice hoops, a covered stage and the Council operated North Rocks Child Care Centre.


Round 1 engagement

Over the past months, we have been engaging with the community about how they currently use the Park Precinct, what they like about it, and what they would like to see improved.

Around 200 community members and park precinct stakeholders participated in Round 1 engagement across three different engagement activities. These included:

  • Community & Stakeholder Workshop
  • Community Drop-in Session
  • Online Survey, and
  • Intercept surveys in the park

In addition, at the beginning of Round 1 engagement, 1,500 post cards were letter box dropped to surrounding residents to inform them about the project and ways to participate in the different engagement activities. 

Priorities for improvement: North Rocks Park

Overall, the community loves the park facilities and they are used by all age groups for sporting and community and cultural activities at a district and neighbourhood level.

They value how multi-purpose and diverse the park is now, and the community would like to see this strengthened in the future. The following list captures the most common priorities for improvement to North Rocks Park across all of the engagement activities.

Priorities for improvement: John Wearn Reserve

Overall John Wearn reserve is not as well-known as North Rocks Park, and is mainly used for neighbourhood passive recreation, again by all age groups, however there was a focus on improving facilities for youth.

The community values how multi-purpose and diverse the park is now, and would like to see this strengthened in the future.

The following ideas for improvement capture the most common priorities for improvement to John Wearn Reserve across all of the engagement activities.

You can find out more about Round 1 engagement outcomes in this report.