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Parramatta Light Rail

Parramatta Light Rail Approval Condition Detail (Stage 1)

City of Parramatta Council is pleased to see that the planning approval for Parramatta Light Rail Stage 1 includes conditions that address a number of concerns raised by Council and the community.

Addressed conditions of concern

Some of the conditions placed on Transport for NSW for the construction and operation of the Parramatta Light Rail system include:

  • Preparation of a Flood Management Plan to show the project will not adversely impact flooding. The Plan must also be independently peer reviewed to ensure existing flooding is not worsened by the project.
  • Restricting works from 7:00am to 7:00pm Monday to Friday, and 8:00am to 6:00pm Saturday in most areas (Westmead, Parramatta North, Parramatta CBD and Rosehill). No works will take place on Sunday and Public Holidays. Construction hours within Eat Street (Church Street between Palmer and George streets) will be established based on consultation with affected businesses.
  • Preparation of an Operational Traffic, Transport and Access Performance Review following operation of the light rail system to ensure that the broader traffic and transport system is working well.
  • Preparation and implementation of an Urban Design Requirements Report that focuses on stop access and design. The report will also address issues of importance to Council such as how the project will respond to heritage places and how trees will be provided along the alignment. This report will be reviewed by a Design Review Panel that will be chaired by the NSW Government Architect and approved by the Secretary of the Department of Planning and Environment. This ensures a good urban design outcome for the project.
  • Specific conditions also require Transport for NSW to investigate the feasibility of grass track and wire-free running (no overhead wires) in key locations and to provide supporting evidence where they cannot be provided. These conditions will ensure good urban design outcomes by increasing green areas within our city and reducing visual clutter.
  • Where the project will impact on trees, Transport for NSW is required to develop a Tree Offset Strategy to replace lost trees. The conditions set out the required numbers of trees, and a preferred hierarchy of locations and sizes of trees.
  • Preparation and implementation of a Business Activation Plan to support businesses during the construction period. This includes establishing a Business Reference Group to provide information on the project to the business community and to monitor and provide feedback on the implementation of the Business Activation Plan.
  • Requirement for Transport for NSW to prepare a Flora and Fauna Management Sub Plan to protect biodiversity along the route.

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