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Parramatta Light Rail

Parramatta Light Rail tree planting

Parramatta Light Rail tree planting and neighbourhood improvement program

Phase 1 complete

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Phase 1 of the Parramatta Light Rail tree planting and neighbourhood improvement program now complete

City of Parramatta, in partnership with Transport for NSW (TfNSW), is pleased to announce the successful completion of the first phase of the Parramatta Light Rail Tree Planting Neighbourhood Improvement Program which saw the planting of 120 new street trees in Westmead and North Parramatta.

The program started in March 2019 testing how we provide new trees, in streets, parks and reserves throughout the City of Parramatta to help offset trees removed as part of Parramatta Light Rail construction.Trees in the nature strips include:

The nature strips in:

  • North Parramatta
    • Barney Street
    • By Street
    • Dunlop Street
    • Harold Street
  • Westmead
    • Jessie Street
    • Caroline Street
    • Queens Road

Council will be watering and maintaining your new trees over the next two years to help them establish and grow in the right shape.

Each and every tree has a tree tag, so look out for it.

The tag includes important information about the tree type and a unique number which allows Council to identify its exact location.

PLR tree location plan map


Get in touch

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If you notice any issues with the trees, simply write down the unique number call 02 9806 5050 or email

We will send a horticulturalist to look at it.

Phase 2 to commence in 2021

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Now that Phase 1 is complete, we are planning for a broader planting program in other areas surrounding the light rail corridor.

Council will again work with TfNSW to identify locations where the offset tree planting program will be able to best deliver the greatest benefit to the community.

A range of tree types will be selected to ensure a variety of tree species become part of the City of Parramatta’s tree canopy and consideration will be given to local conditions and constraints such as overhead power lines.

More information including streets selected for planting and tree types will be provided as the Phase 2 program develops. Planting is expected to commence in mid 2022.

Who can I speak to about the program?

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If you have questions you can get in contact with our Parramatta Light Rail Tree Planting and Neighbourhood Improvement Project team on 02 9806 5050 or

Parramatta Light Rail project

If you have questions about the Parramatta Light Rail project, you can contact the 24-hour Community Information Line on 1800 139 389 or email

If you have accessibility concerns, please contact the National Relay Service and provide them with the City of Parramatta contact number: 02 9806 5050.

For non-English speakers, phone interpretation services are available via TIS National on 131 450.