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Parramatta Light Rail tree planting

2023 Parramatta Light Rail Tree Planting

Trees play an important role in the ‘greening’ of our City. We know that a greener city means a cooler city, a cleaner environment and a happier and healthier community. 

In 2019, City of Parramatta in partnership with Transport for NSW (TfNSW), completed a pilot tree planting program which saw 120 new trees added to our urban tree canopy in North Parramatta and Westmead. 

Council worked with TfNSW to identify locations where the tree planting program would be able to best deliver the greatest benefit to the community.

As part of the joint program, 335 trees were planted in parks and reserves across the Parramatta area in July and October 2022. 
In 2023, the joint-partnership program will deliver an additional 1,000+ trees in City streets and parks - our biggest planting season ever! 

Starting in 2023, new tree planting will focus on streets and parks in Carlingford, Dundas, North Parramatta, Oatlands, Rydalmere and Telopea. We’ll also be looking for Tree Champions to monitor the new trees and help them reach their full potential. 

A further 1,000 trees are planned for 2024.

2023 Maps

View the interactive map


Click to see an interactive map that identifies planned planting locations and tree types. The March 2023 planting is focussed on Carlingford, Dundas, North ParramattaOatlands, Rydalmere and Telopea.

What types of trees are being planted?

The 2023 planting will see 27 different species planted. Arborists will ensure tree types are suited to the proposed planting location with trees selected to perform well in the local environment. Constraints such as overhead powerlines, underground utilities, access requirements and existing street trees have been considered. 

A variety of advanced trees including natives and exotics, evergreen and deciduous, have been chosen with the hope that these trees will contribute to our local biodiversity, be welcomed as part of the community, and provide a range of benefits now and into the future.

For details on the types of trees being planted and where, see our Parramatta Light Rail Tree Champion page.

Where will planting take place?

The project team has used a number of studies to identify the areas most vulnerable to the impacts of urban heat – those most likely to benefit from additional tree canopy – and streets with no or few trees.

Planting will take place in streets and parks across our Local Government Area with a focus on Carlingford, Dundas, North Parramatta, Oatlands, Rydalmere and Telopea.

For details on planting locations and trees selected, see the interactive map and our Parramatta Light Rail Tree Champions page.

Care for trees

Council will be maintaining our new trees for 24 months and is also looking for Tree Champions to help monitor the health of the trees and report if trees in their street or suburb are in need of extra care.


For details on how you can help our new trees become established and reach their full potential, see our Parramatta Light Rail Tree Champion page.

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