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Your Rates Online

The new and improved way to pay your rates online

We’ve made it easier than ever to pay your rates, with the introduction of new digital rates payment platform eNotices. This means you now have two ways you can pay your rates online: BPAY View and through eNotices, a platform that promises to make the payment process easier and more convenient than ever before.

Option 1: BPAY View for individuals

You have the ability to process your payments via BPAY View, which is a channel supported through your online banking platform.

Simply visit your online bank and search for BPAY View. Then select City of Parramatta BPAY Biller Code 5710 and enter payment details.

Option 2: eNotices for individuals and businesses

eNotices allows you to self-manage all your properties, send notices to multiple email addresses, print additional copies and pay your notice.

Register to receive your rates notice by email in five easy steps:

  1. Go to eNotices

  2. Click the sign-up tab

  3. Enter in your email address and eNotice Reference Number

  4. Check your email inbox and click the validation link

  5. Select a password or mobile number

Option 3: Payment through the Online Services Portal

To pay your Council rate online now, simply go to our Online Services Portal, then select 'Make a payment'. Access the portal via this link