Parramatta CBD

Parramatta is located at the geographical centre of Sydney and is a focus for employment, housing, recreation and cultural opportunities. Parramatta is Sydney’s Central City and is undergoing major revitalisation right now. To fully realise its potential, Parramatta must stimulate significant job and dwelling growth to increase its social and economic prosperity.

To manage the significant growth and changes in the CBD, Council has prepared a Planning Proposal to amend the planning controls for the Parramatta CBD contained in Parramatta Local Environmental Plan 2011 (PLEP 2011).

The purpose of the Planning Proposal is to:

  • provide for an expanded and more intense commercial core to strengthen and facilitate the role of Parramatta as a dual CBDs
  • support the CBD as a vibrant centre by surrounding the core with higher density mixed use.

This Planning Proposal uses the Parramatta CBD Planning Strategy as its basis. Adopted by Council in April 2015,  the strategy established a vision for growth, principles and actions to guide a new planning framework and an implementation plan for delivery.

On 11 April 2016, Council adopted the draft Planning Proposal for the Parramatta CBD to seek a Gateway Determination from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.  The Determination will outline whether the planning proposal can proceed (with or without variation) and subject to certain conditions. These conditions may require further studies being undertaken, public consultation, public hearings, agency consultation and time frames. It is expected that following its acceptance, the planning proposal will be publicly exhibited (subject to Council satisfying all conditions). Submissions received during public exhibition will be considered and reported to Council along with any changes to the planning controls.

In addition, a number of technical studies were undertaken to support the development of the Planning Proposal. These studies relate to heritage, flooding, economic analysis, infrastructure funding, transport and high performing buildings. These are included as Appendices to the Planning Proposal or are substantially underway.

If you would like to discuss any part of the Planning Proposal or need further information, please contact the Land Use Planning team on 9806 5050.

parramatta square

Parramatta Square is a three hectare mixed use redevelopment precinct located in the Parramatta CBD. The precinct is bounde by Church, Macquarie, Smith and Darcy Streets.

Parramatta Square will see Parramatta emerge as a vibrant, connected and liveable city in the heart of Sydney. For latest updates on Parramatta Square visit the Parramatta Square website.

Parramatta City River Strategy

The Parramatta City River Strategy is a plan for revitalising the foreshore of the Parramatta River between Gasworks Bridge and Rings Bridge, O’Connell Street. It aims to improve connections between the river and the city and create more recreational opportunities for city residents, workers and visitors. This includes better spaces for walking, cycling and for hosting major city events by the river such as New Year’s Eve and Loy Krathong. The strategy creates a new vision for the area and reclaims the river and its foreshore as a vibrant public space for the city and its people.

Parramatta City River Strategy Part 1
Parramatta City River Strategy Part 2
Parramatta City River Strategy Part 3
Parramatta City River Strategy Part 4
Parramatta City River Strategy Part 5