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About Westmead

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The Westmead Health and Medical Research precinct represents the largest concentration of hospital and health services in Australia, servicing Western Sydney and providing other specialised services for the rest of NSW.

Healthcare is one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing industries.

Reflecting this growth, the number employed in the precinct is expected to grow by an additional 32,000 jobs by 2036.

Precinct planning process

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In November 2017, the Department of Planning and Environment (DP&E) announced Westmead as a Planned Precinct with two distinct areas:

  1. the health and education area north of the rail line (within City of Parramatta Council area) and;
  2. the residential area south of the rail line (within Cumberland Council area).

Working with NSW Health

In parallel to the Planned Precinct process, City of Parramatta Council is working with NSW Health to realise its vision for Westmead (north of the rail line).

The long-term plan for Westmead is for a health and education precinct that develops over time to become a world-class innovation district.

To achieve this, the Westmead Innovation District Master Plan project has been jointly commissioned by City of Parramatta and NSW Health.

The master plan includes aspirational targets for jobs and tertiary students, driven by the significant government investment currently planned for the area.

The Westmead Innovation District Master Plan project will result in the development of a Master Plan that will feed into the DP&E’s Planned Precinct process.

Westmead Alliance

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In March 2013, after stakeholder consultation, the Westmead Alliance was formed with a commitment to developing a future vision for the precinct.

Council is a member of this alliance and plays a key supporting role in providing secretariat and planning services for the group.

At present, the Westmead Alliance is overseeing the Westmead Innovation District Master Plan project.

Get in touch

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If you have any questions about strategic planning matters at Westmead, you can contact our Land Use Planning team on 02 9806 5050.