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Precinct Planning

Wentworth Point

Current Updates

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“Block H” Site ("Bennelong Cove")

Aerial map of planned changes to Block H site
Block H Site

The site at 16 Burroway Road and part 5 Footbridge Boulevard, commonly known as ‘Block H’ is one of the remaining undeveloped parcels in the precinct. The landowner also refers to the site as “Bennelong Cove”.

The Department of Planning and Environment informed the Council in January 2023 that it had revoked Council’s delegated power as the local planning authority to assess and determine proposed amendments to the Homebush Bay West DCP.

A new proposed amendment to the Homebush West DCP was submitted by the proponent, Billbergia, to the Department for their assessment in April 2023. The assessment and determination of the new Block H proposal is therefore now being carried out by the Department.

  • The new proposal that is being assessed by the Department continues to propose 85,000 sqm of residential floor area in a generally similar manner to the earlier proposal that was considered by Council at the 12 September 2022 Council meeting.
  • The new proposal would facilitate two 40 storey towers which is a reduction in height from the earlier proposal of one 50 storey tower and one 40 storey tower (the reduced tower height is offset by increased podium heights).
  • The existing DCP controls set a maximum height of 25 and 16 storeys for the Block H site.

See the webpage below for further information.

Bennelong Parkway Bridge 

Council is undertaking a review of Bennelong Parkway Bridge that crosses Haslams Creek located at Wentworth Point.

As a safety precaution, a five tonne limit has been introduced to the bridge while this review takes place.

Temporary detours for larger vehicles, including buses operating on the 533 route, are in place. VMS  boards and fixed signage notifying of this load limit are in place across the nearby road network.

Council is working to ensure awareness and compliance with the load limits. Heavy vehicles in excess of signposted load limits approaching the bridge can expect to be turned around in a safe location by council teams.

Additional enforcement measures will be introduced in the coming weeks for road users that continue to breach load limits.

We are committed to keeping our community up to date on this work and will post further updates here. Read Council's news update.

For trip planning advice for bus users:

For all other enquiries:

City of Parramatta Customer Service Centre

1300 617 058

Map of Wentworth point

Planning controls

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A number of planning controls apply to Wentworth Point:

The relevant controls applying to Wentworth Point are illustrated below, and more detail can be found at Council’s Planning controls webpages.

Wentworth Point Planning Controls

Remaining Development Sites

map of buildings and roads
Source: Existing Development Control Plan and Local Environmental Plan Controls 


Planned Open Space

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Approved Peninsula Park

Map of roads and buildings
Source: Approved Peninsula Park Landscape Plan (DA/875/2017/A)


The existing Wentworth Point Development Control Plan 2014 requires a significant peninsula park (minimum area of 3.9ha) and a 20m wide foreshore promenade to be delivered in Wentworth Point.

It is the responsibility of the NSW Government and Landcom (formerly UrbanGrowth NSW) to deliver the park on behalf of the landowners Transport for NSW (TfNSW). The Development Application (DA) for the park lodged by the then UrbanGrowth NSW was approved in 2016. Landcom subsequently lodged a Development Application modification (DA/875/2017/A) for minor changes to the park layout, which was approved in 2020.

In October 2022 Landcom lodged a further Development Application modification (DA/875/2017/B) to amend the approved park layout to facilitate a future playing field on the site. The Development Application is currently under assessment by Council officers. For further information please search DA/875/2017/B in Council’s Development Application tracker. Landcom intend to open sections of the park from late 2023. Please see Landcom’s most recent newsletter for updates regarding delivery of the park. 

Proposed Foreshore Park (currently under assessment)

Foreshore with roads and buildings
Source: Lodged Foreshore Park Landscape Plan (DA/420/2022) – Under Assessment


The existing Wentworth Point DCP 2014 requires an approximately 2 ha Foreshore Park as part of the Sanctuary site (Sekisui House development) at 14 -16 Hill Road. A separate smaller 0.3 ha park (“neighbourhood green”) is also required under the Development Control Plan. The Foreshore Park is an item in the executed Planning Agreement between the developer Sekisui and Council.

Proposed “Block H” Park 

The existing Homebush Way West Development Control Plan requires approx. 1.05 ha of open space and 20m wide foreshore promenade to be delivered at 16 Burroway Road (known as “Block H”). The owner (Billbergia) proposes to amend the existing Development Control Plan controls for the site (including reconfiguring the park). This Proposal will be assessed by the Department of Planning and Environment. Further information can be found in the Current Land Use Planning Matters section below.

map of park
Source: Existing DCP Controls for Block H - Attachment 2 to Block H 12 September 2022 Council Report


Proposed “Block D” Park 

The existing Homebush Way West Development Control Plan requires approx. 0.4 ha of open space at 37-39 Hill Road (known as “Block D”). Block D's approved Concept Development Application (DA/999/2017) by developer City Freeholds contains a park and 30m wide building setback from Homebush Bay (which includes a 20m wide pedestrian foreshore promenade). 

Map of proposed park
Source: Approved Block D Concept Master Plan (DA/999/2017)


Wentworth Point High School

The NSW Government is delivering a high school at 7 Burroway Road (adjacent to the existing primary school). The NSW Government envisions the school will have a final capacity of 1,500 students when fully complete. A State Significant Development Application (SSD) for the first stage of the school was approved in October 2022 by the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE). City of Parramatta Council is not the consent authority for this project. Please contact School Infrastructure NSW (SINSW) for further information.

Street Network Upgrades

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Hill Road Masterplan

The Hill Road Master Plan aims to increase pedestrian and vehicular safety, create a greener and more shaded roadway, manage flooding, and address drainage concerns.


Hill Road and Bennelong Parkway Intersection Upgrade

Council is installing traffic signals at the intersection of Hill Road and Bennelong Parkway to improve traffic flow and intersection safety.

Construction commenced in March and is anticipated be completed in late 2023. See the project webpage for detailed plans and further information.

Proposed Haslams Bridge Pedestrian and Cyclist Link

Council is currently undertaking a detailed design of a new pedestrian and cyclist bridge over Haslams Creek at Bennelong Parkway with associated connections on either side. This work includes investigations into locations of services, as well as a detailed survey and ecological review.

Once the design has progressed to sufficient detail for community feedback, the project will be placed on public exhibition.

The detailed design of this project is co-funded by Council and the NSW Government. Should the project proceed and construction funding be secured, delivery is planned for 2025.


Transport for NSW Upgrades


Parramatta Light Rail Stage 2

Stage 2 of the NSW Government’s Parramatta Light Rail is proposed to travel along Hill Road and connect Wentworth Point to the Parramatta CBD. It will also connect to the future Sydney Metro West Station at Sydney Olympic Park. The Light Rail will include construction of a bridge over Parramatta River, linking Wentworth Point to Melrose Park. This critical piece of infrastructure is integral to supporting the forecasted dwelling increase within the Precinct.

The State Significant Infrastructure Application is being assessed by the Department of Planning and Environment.



Other Planning Matters

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Landcom (TfNSW) Site

map of Wentworth Point site
Source: Landcom September 2022 Newsletter - Indicative only (withdrawn)

In 2022, Landcom submitted a Planning Proposal to develop the land at 9 Burroway Road (owned by TfNSW) that sought to amend planning controls to facilitate a revised masterplan for the peninsula site (see above). In June 2023, Landcom withdrew their Planning Proposal meaning that there is currently no Planning Proposal applicable to the peninsula site. 

Please contact Landcom ( if you have any inquiries regarding their development plans. 

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If you have any questions about the progress of these projects, you can contact the City of Parramatta.

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