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Parramatta CBD

Parramatta CBD Planning Framework Review

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The significance of the Parramatta CBD has been recognised in the State Government’s strategic planning framework for a number of decades. Its current recognition at the heart of the ‘Central City’ in the Greater Sydney Region Plan - A Metropolis of three cities and the Central City District Plan continue to strengthen the significant economic function of the Parramatta CBD and its role in providing necessary housing, employment, recreation and cultural opportunities.

To manage the significant growth and changes in the CBD as envisaged in the Greater Sydney Region Plan – A Metropolis of Three Cities and the Central City District Plan, Council is undertaking a major review of its planning framework that will comprehensively address the land use and infrastructure needs for the City Centre into the future.

This planning framework is made up of the following components, as shown in the diagram below.

CBD framework review flow chart

Council’s progress in preparing these various components to the review are at various stages. The review is considering a number of complex matters in planning for the growth of the CBD, including urban design, transport, flood risk, heritage, economic and infrastructure funding matters.

The key policy document which establishes the planning framework for the review is the Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal. The proposal seeks changes to the Parramatta CBD boundary, land use mix and primary built form controls. For the latest information on the planning proposal, visit Council’s CBD Planning Proposal webpage.

Consistent with the Parramatta CBD Planning Strategy, which was endorsed by Council on 27 April 2015, and also amendments as endorsed by Council on 25 November 2019, Council will investigate the ‘Planning Investigation Areas’ (PIAs) shown in this map for amended planning controls to be progressed through separate planning strategy/Planning Proposal amendment processes, as follows:

▪ Northern PIA;

North-East PIA (which includes part of Harold Street);

▪ Eastern PIA (which includes Elizabeth Street, south of Victoria Road); and

▪ Southern PIA (which includes the area referred to as the ‘West Auto Alley Precinct’).

November 2021 update

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CBD Planning Proposal

On 15 June 2021, Council resolved to approve the Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal with some minor changes and forward it to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) for its finalisation.

Consistent with the Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal’s alteration Gateway Determination, the revised Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal documentation was submitted to the DPIE on 1 July 2021. DPIE are currently undertaking their final assessment of the Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal.

CBD Integrated Transport Plan

The preparation of an Integrated Transport Plan for the Parramatta CBD is a condition of the Gateway Determination issued by DPIE in December 2018 for the purposes of the Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal.

On 26 July 2021, Council endorsed finalisation of the CBD Integrated Transport Plan and the revised Parramatta CBD Integrated Transport Plan was submitted to the DPIE on 3 August 2021.

CBD Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan

On 25 October 2021 Council resolved to endorse the finalisation of the Draft Parramatta CBD Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan 2021. The Draft Plan will provide an infrastructure funding framework that will make a major contribution towards the provision of the infrastructure needed to support the growth envisaged under the Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal. As the Draft Plan is proposing to increase development contribution rates in the Parramatta CBD, approval from the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces is required to amend the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000. 

Draft Parramatta City Centre Development Control Plan

The Draft Parramatta City Centre DCP and supporting information was on public exhibition from Monday, 15 November until 5pm, Monday, 13 December 2021. Even though the exhibition has now closed, you can head to for further details including accessing the exhibition materials.

Update to Parramatta Floodplain Risk Management Plans

Council at its meeting on 11 October 2021 endorsed the Update of Parramatta Floodplain Risk Management Plans. The Update of Parramatta Floodplain Risk Management Plans is a key supporting document to the Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal and helps to establish a framework to manage the flood risks associated with new development in the Parramatta CBD. 

The final Update of the Parramatta Floodplain Risk Management Plans, together with its supporting documents, being the Parramatta CBD Flood Evacuation Assessment and the Horizontal Evacuation Pilot Study can be accessed below.

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If you would like to discuss any part of the Parramatta CBD Planning Framework Review or need further information, get in touch with our Land Use Planning team on 02 9806 5050.