A development contribution levy is a fee to be paid by any person undertaking a new development. The money is used to provide improved or increased public infrastructure and facilities in accordance with the Environmental Planning Assessment Act, and Regulation.

The levy applies to all new developments, including complying developments, within the Parramatta Local Government Area (LGA) and is calculated in accordance with Council’s 2 s94A Development Contribution Plans. 

Outstanding development contributions are indexed each quarter in accordance with movements in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Levies are required to be paid prior to the issue of a complying development certificate or construction certificate, or in the case of subdivision, prior to the issue of a subdivision certificate.

Parramatta Section 94A Development Contributions Plan

Applies to entire local government area except the Parramatta CBD:

Type of development Levy (%) based on the cost of development
All development 0% up to and including
$100,000 0.5 % between $100,001 and $200,000
1.0% in excess of $200,000
(Note: the levy is not progressive)

The cost of development is determined in accordance with Clause 25J of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulation 2000.

Example: A development for the demolition of a house and construction of a dual occupancy is estimated to cost $550,000. In this case the levy will be 1% of $550,000 i.e. $5,500.00.

Parramatta Civic Improvement Plan

Applies to the Parramatta CBD:

Type of development Levy (%) based on the cost of development
All development that has a cost of more than $250,000 3%

Example: A development for the demolition of an existing building and construction of a new building is estimated to cost $4 million. In this case the levy will be 3% of $4 million i.e $120,000.


The development contributions levy will not imposed in the following circumstances:

  • where the cost of development is less than the applicable thresholds of each S94A plan
  • for the purpose of disabled access
  • for the sole purpose of affordable housing
  • for the purpose of reducing the consumption of mains-supplied potable water, or reducing the energy consumption of a building
  • for the sole purpose of the adaptive reuse of a heritage item
  • for development that has been the subject of a condition under S94 under a previous consent relating to the subdivision of land on which the development is to be carried out.


Development Contributions Plans that apply to the new City of Parramatta area have changed. The funding of local infrastructure is assisted in part by developer contributions known as Section 94 or Section 94A contributions. Councils in NSW have the ability to levy developers for contributions towards local infrastructure under the Environmental and Planning Assessment Act (EP&A).

On 12 May 2016 the boundaries of the Parramatta Local Government Area (LGA) changed as a result of the Local Government (City of Parramatta and Cumberland) Proclamation 2016.

Prior to this time, Council had two Development Contributions Plans applicable to the LGA:

This transferred parts of Granville, Merrylands, South Granville, Guildford and Chester Hill (former Woodville Ward) from the Parramatta Local Government Area to the new Cumberland Council Local Government Area, which also included parts of the former Holroyd and Auburn Local Government Areas.  

Development Contributions Plan 

The Development Contributions Plan Map shows which Development Contributions Plan applies to land within the City of Parramatta Local Government Area.

Land previously within the Parramatta Local Government Area will have the Parramatta Section 94A Development Contribution Plan (Amendment No. 4) or Parramatta City Centre S94A Development Contribution Plan (Amendment No. 4) (in the case of the Parramatta CBD) continuing to apply.

Land transferred from The Hills, Hornsby, former Holroyd and former Auburn Local Government Areas to the City of Parramatta will have the Section 94 and/or Section 94A Development Contributions Plans of the previous Council continuing to apply.

A copy of the relevant sections of the plans and the up-to-date S94 rates are listed below:

This will apply until such time as the City of Parramatta Council applies a new Development Contributions Plan to that land. Any new plan will need to take effect at the same time that the previous Council repeals the current Contributions Plan as it applies to that land.

Land within former ‘Woodville Ward’ transferred to Cumberland Council including parts of Chester Hill, Granville, Guildford, Merrylands and South Granville.

The Parramatta Section 94A Development Contribution Plan (Amendment No. 4) will continue to apply to that land that was previously located within the former ‘Woodville Ward’ of Parramatta until such time as a new development contributions plan is created by Cumberland Council and simultaneously repealed by the City of Parramatta in respect of that land.

Voluntary Planning Agreements

Voluntary Planning Agreements (VPAs) may be accepted as an alternative to development contributions. A VPA is an agreement entered into by Council and a developer during Council's consideration of a rezoning application (planning proposal) or a development application. VPAs can either be in lieu of or in addition to a development contribution payment and this will be negotiated as part of the VPA.

Council has adopted the Parramatta Voluntary Planning Agreements