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North Granville Community Facilities Master Plan

North Granville Community Facilities Masterplan

The North Granville Community Facilities Master Plan is a strategic document that provides a long term vision to support North Granville resident's wellbeing and liveability. The Master Plan identifies future community and recreational facilities including improvements to F.S. Garside Park and the Alfred Street Cycleway.

Stage 1 - North Granville Community Facilities Masterplan

City of Parramatta is working with the NSW Government to revitalise public spaces as part of the Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program (PRUAIP).

As part of our commitment to the PRUAIP, Council has developed a Master Plan. The Master Plan identifies improvements to community and recreational facilities to support the future population of North Granville. The Master Plan area is bounded by Parramatta Road (south), Alfred Street (west), Gray Street (north), Onslow Street and Duck Creek (east).

Stage 1 of the Master Plan was adopted by City of Parramatta at council meeting 16 December 2019 and includes improvements to F.S. Garside Park and Alfred Street.These improvements are being funded under the NSW Government’s Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program (PRUAIP).

North Granville masterplan map

Figure 1: Adopted Stage 1 - North Granville Community Facilities Master Plan

Stage 1 implementation of the Masterplan includes:

  • Provision of play spaces and facilities for different ages and abilities.
  • Southern half of Onslow Street converted to open space.
  • Improving access and functionality to the playing field
  • Provision of a range of outdoor gathering spaces including picnic shelters, tables and seating.
  • Reduction in concrete play surfaces and planting of mature trees to reduce urban heat and provide nature-based play.
  • New parking arrangement for Gray Street and northern section of Onslow Street.
  • Creating a separated cycle way along Alfred St to connect to the regional cycle way beneath the M4 viaduct.
Updated timeline for North Granville Community Facilities Master Plan. December 2019 - Adoption of Stage 1 Masterplan. March 2020 - Round 1: Community consultation to inform draft detailed concept for playground, youth recreation and dog park. May 2020 - Further geotechnical investigations to inform detailed design and remediation. June 2020 - Public exhibition of the draft Alfred Street Cycle way concept plan. September 2020 - Alfred street cycleway concept design adopted by Council 12 September 2020.

Please note that the timeline on this page is indicative only until completion of the detailed concept design.

Next Steps

Improvements to F.S Garside Park

Council has completed site investigations across June 2020 to understand remediation, engineering and structural constraints. This information coupled with community feedback collected in March 2020 will inform the development of a draft concept design for F.S Garside Park. A second round of community consultation is also planned for September 2020 to ensure that the draft park design meets community requirements and expectations.

Alfred Street Cycleway

Council recently sought feedback relating to the draft Alfred Street Cycleway concept plan. Community consultation concluded 20 July 2020.  The community feedback will be collated and reviewed to inform the final design. The consultation results will be published along with the final design in the next few weeks.

For more information regarding the North Granville Community Facilities Masterplan please contact the Place Services team on 1300 617 058.or email placeservices@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au.


Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program (PRUAIP)

To improve Granville’s liveability, the NSW Government has awarded City of Parramatta $13 million to improve public spaces in Granville and rejuvenate it as a place to live, shop and do business. This grant is part of a wider program to revitalise public spaces along the Parramatta Road corridor.

The Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program (PRUAIP) provides funding to Local Councils to develop open spaces and plazas, cycle paths, playing fields and streetscape improvements along the Parramatta Road Corridor.

Currently two key social infrastructure projects planned for Granville are:

  • North Granville Community Facilities Masterplan
  • Revitalising the streetscape and public domain at Good and Bridge Street

To learn more about the program, please visit Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program (PRUAIP)


Alfred Street Cycleway

North Granville Community Facilities Masterplan

Environmental investigations and site closures F.S. Garside Park and reserve, Granville

Environmental investigations and site closures Jordan Street Reserve, Rosehill


Alfred St Cycleway Stage 1 - Draft Concept Plan

Alfred St Cycleway Stage 1 - Draft Technical Documentation: Signage & Linemarking

Alfred St Cycleway Stage 1 - Draft Technical Documentation: Vehicle Turning Paths and Movement Plans

Stage 1 North Granville Community Facilities Masterplan Report Dec 2019

Stage 1 North Granville Community Facilities Engagement Report Dec 2019

June 2020 Project newsletter

April 2020 Project newsletter

March 2020 Project newsletter

We know that COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the City of Parramatta community and economy. It is an extremely challenging time for many, so it’s important that Council does everything possible to support our people during this pandemic and beyond.

We have introduced a range of measures to help residents, businesses, and staff get through this, including a plan to fast-track projects that will help support the local economy and provide jobs.

It’s important that Council continues to seek feedback from the community on projects as your input matters. By working together, we can build a more resilient City that will be ready and open for business when the time is right.

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