Epping Planning Review

Last year, Epping Town Centre was included within the City of Parramatta council area under the State Government's "Fit for the Future" Local Government Program. We're commencing a review for Epping Town Centre and surrounds to ensure there is one set of planning controls for Epping with an integrated infrastructure plan. For residents, commuters, businesses and workers, we want to make the area a great place to live and work and provide support for a vibrant community.

State agencies participating in this review with us include:

  • Greater Sydney Commission
  • Department of Planning and Environment
  • Transport for NSW
  • Roads and Maritime Services.

Social infrastructure, traffic, heritage and commercial land issues are also being reviewed and we're seeking your input at important project review milestones. Here's what's happening and how you can get involved. 

Dec 2016 Jan - Mar Apr - Mar  Jul - Aug Aug - Sep  Oct - Dec  2018
  • Letters sent to residents

  • Public meeting

  • Traffic Study 

  • Heritage Study

  • Community Needs Study

  • Commercial Floor Space Study

Discussion Paper prepared

  • Exhibition of Discussion Paper for public comment

  • Submissions reviewed

  • Report Discussion Paper
  • Council endorsement of key principles for future strategy

Report on Planning Control Changes

Implementation of City of Parramatta report recommendations

The project

As a first step in the review, we're conducting four expert studies to gather information to inform the future of the Epping Town Centre. These studies include:

Traffic and Transport review

A comprehensive expert review of traffic and transport across the whole of the Epping Centre will consider options to better integrate and improve the flow of traffic for commuters and residents. 

Community facilities service and needs study

A social infrastructure audit of Epping's projected needs for community centres, open spaces, libraries, social support, parks and recreational spaces (indoor and outdoor). We want to make sure that we have the right mix of community facilities to meet the needs of the Epping community now and into the future. 

Heritage review

A review of the impact on the three conservation areas of East Epping, Essex Street and Rosebank Avenue will be undertaken. 

Commercial floor space study

The town centre’s commercial floor space has been diminishing due to the redevelopment of traditional two-storey commercial buildings being replaced with mixed-use development.  Council needs to assess this trend so that commercial uses are adequately protected in the town centre for future residents. 

These studies will be completed in early 2017. We will also prepare a Discussion Paper which will be exhibited for public comment mid-year. We encourage the Epping Community to comment and provide feedback.

The outcomes of the Discussion Paper consultation process will inform the City's direction on the future for Epping. 

Any proposed changes to planning controls or rezoning of land must go through a separate statutory process in accordance with the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and will require further public consultation.

Get involved

We'll have pop-up booths in the Epping Town Centre, meetings and workshops with key community groups and a series of communications for you to get involved and have your say.

For more information on the proposed Epping Planning review please contact us.

Jacky Wilkes
Senior Project Officer
02 9806 5496

Lily Wang
Place Manager
02 9806 5347