Development Planning Controls

The Parramatta Development Control Plan (DCP) 2011 originally came into effect on 12 October 2011. A number of amendments have been made to the DCP since this date (these revisions can be viewed on page 2 of the DCP Cover and Contents.

Update to DCP layout and template

The DCP has been recently updated to improve the usability, function and layout of the document for all users. Minor text, numbering and format changes have been made to assist users of the DCP navigate the document more easily and correct minor errors in the previous iteration of the document. These changes do not change any of the provisions of the DCP. An explanatory note outlining these changes can be found here.

Parramatta Development Control Plan 2011 Housekeeping Amendment No. 2 came into effect on Wednesday 17 May 2017, which has been incorporated into the new template of the DCP. 

The details of this housekeeping amendment can be found at item 8.6 and minute 491 in the business papers linked here.

Deemed DCP's referred to in Section 1.3 of Parramatta DCP 2011 can be viewed at Council’s Administration Offices and copies can be made available for purchase by contacting Council's Land Use Planning Team on 9806 5050.

To view historical versions of Council’s Development Control Plan, please contact Council’s Land Use Planning Team on (02) 9806 5050.