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Community Grants Program

Annual Community Grants Program

The 2024 Annual Community Grants Round is closed.


As a result of our annual review process and stakeholder feedback, Council has implemented key changes within our 2024 Annual Community Grants Program. These include:

  • Cultural Heritage and Stories Research Fund – Will now be known as the Cultural Heritage and History Projects Fund to support projects which support the knowledge of Parramatta’s history and cultural heritage.
  • Additional Category – From this year, Council’s Community Events Grants will be included in the Annual Community Grants program. This grant offers support for community organisations to deliver public events in Parramatta.

All other category information remains unchanged from the 2023 round.

About this Round


The Annual Community Grants Round offers grants for 6 different categories:

  • Community Capacity Building Grant
  • Creative Projects Fund
  • Cultural Heritage and History Projects
  • Growing Social Enterprise in Parramatta
  • Parramatta Artists’ Studios Creative Fellowship Fund
  • Community Events Grants

Each Category consists of their own eligibility benchmark and requirements when applying. Please visit each category for more information.

Check your eligibility


Categories you can apply for


What we fund

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  • Project development and implementation
  • Capital purchase directly related to community capacity building project
  • Building the internal capacity of an organisation
  • Resource development

What we don't fund

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  • Activities and programs that duplicate existing services or repeat previously funded projects
  • Attendance at conferences or academic course fees, except within scholarship or fellowship programs
  • Religious ceremonies and/or activities in which the promotion of a single faith is the main purpose
  • Profit making activities where the profits are allocated to shareholders, owners and/or members
  • The establishment or attainment of fundraising objectives
  • Project proposals that are potentially defamatory or libellous or seek to intimidate, offend or harass members of the community.

General Eligibility

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All applications to the Community Grants Program must meet the eligibility criteria.

Each grant category also has specific eligibility criteria.

Common eligibility criteria require that the organisation must:

  • Be an incorporated not-for-profit organisation or can provide evidence of an auspice arrangement with an incorporated not-for-profit organisation;
  • Be located within the boundaries of the Parramatta local government area and/or principally service Parramatta residents;
  • Address City of Parramatta’s vision statement and at least one of the objectives in the nominated grant category;
  • Project begins after the grant funding commencement date and does not require retrospective, recurrent or ongoing funding;
  • Not have outstanding debts to Council;
  • Not have overdue progress or acquittal reports for previously funded grants.

Planning your projects

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Developing a work plan or timeline is an excellent way to achieve a successful project as it records the major milestones for the project and who is responsible for completing them.

Providing such information is a good way to show that your project is well planned and ready to go.

To assist you in this process, we have developed a basic sample project plan and work plan for you to use in the planning and implementation process

How to apply

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All applications for funding grants are completed online through SmartyGrants.

You only need to register once. If you previously applied via SmartyGrants you can use your existing password and login.


Successful Recipients

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Find out more

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To find out more about funding opportunities, workshops, leadership development, forums, training and more in the Parramatta and Greater Western Sydney area, subscribe to Parramatta e-news

If you need any further information, please feel free to contact our Community Grants team on or call 02 9806 5110.

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