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COVID-19: - Strict lockdown restrictions now apply for Parramatta LGA. Read more >


Community Grants Program

Feature: The Social Outfit 

Imagine... a community sewing hub,  the click-click of industrial sewing machines, warm smiles and laughter, as women from Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh and Syria work side by side learning how to manufacturing beautiful products, and earning textile award wages as they are trained up in their first Australian jobs.

Colourful social enterprise clothing label The Social Outfit plans to do just that. With the support of Parramatta Council's Social Enterprise Growth grant, they will pilot their signature “Earn and Learn” program in Parramatta LGA to create training and employment opportunities for women from refugee and new migrant backgrounds.
This initiative creates customised training and employment for local refugee and new migrant women, engaging them in skills-based training, providing an introduction to Australian workplace standards and strengthening social connections. Participants gain paid training and work experience in their first Australian job and the income from product sales goes back into continuing these non-profit training programs for more women.
This pilot will initiate The Social Outfit’s activities in the Parramatta LGA, strengthening community connections and building training and employment pathways for local women from refugee and new migrant backgrounds.

Janette and Lina sewing technicians at The Social Outfit
Janette and Lina sewing technicians at The Social Outfit. Photo by Taj Minter Naughton
Sewing school students "earning and learning" making tote bags from remnant fabrics donated by The Powerhouse Museum's Step into Paradise Exhibition
Sewing school students "earning and learning" making tote bags from remnant fabrics donated by The Powerhouse Museum's Step into Paradise Exhibition by Camilla Schippa
Janette, Han and Raja sewing technicians at The Social Outfit modelling the clothes
Janette, Han and Raja sewing technicians at The Social Outfit modelling the clothes

Feature: Nick Atkins

‘The Lemon Tree Curse’ is a contemporary, innovative and daring series of creation, development and presentation activities driven by a personal and intimate approach to Genetics and Artificial Intelligence. This project will unlock time and space to propel Nick’s practice as a theatre maker living in Parramatta on Burramattugal Country. This project will elevate Nick’s creative practice while also seeing benefits flow into the broader
communities of Parramatta.

Nick has worked for more than ten years as a theatre maker after first receiving a commission from Riverside Theatres. This work has ranged from the creation of new work to community based cultural activity such as facilitating workshops for artists with disability and young people that identify as LGBTQI+ to self-directed international residencies in Iceland and France.

‘The Lemon Tree Curse’ is a leap for Nick’s practice. It fuses their established body of work as a theatre maker with their emerging practice in the digital performance space. This leap is motivated by experience, evidence and a desire to seek out a more relevant and sustainable way to make theatre.

Mr Nick Atkins


Nick Atkins at work

All applicants are supported by Grant Support Officers from the Community Capacity Building team.  For any enquiries relating to grants or acquittal of grants, please contact the team on 02 9806 5110.

City of Parramatta Council’s Community Grants provides funding opportunities for the Parramatta Local Government Area (LGA).

Please check the Parramatta Local Government Area boundary map, inserting your organisation address to see if you qualify for City of Parramatta funding opportunities.

It aims to support local:

  • not-for-profit community
  • recreation and sporting groups
  • clubs
  • organisations
  • services
  • social enterprises
  • and in some cases, individuals.

Through the Community Grants, Council supports a wide range of services and activities that contribute to City of Parramatta’s vision and priorities.

Available grants

What we fund

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  • Project development and implementation
  • Capital purchase directly related to community capacity building project
  • Building the internal capacity of an organisation
  • Resource development

What we don't fund

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  • Activities and programs that duplicate existing services or repeat previously funded projects
  • Attendance at conferences or academic course fees, except within scholarship or fellowship programs
  • Religious ceremonies and/or activities in which the promotion of a single faith is the main purpose
  • Profit making activities where the profits are allocated to shareholders, owners and/or members
  • The establishment or attainment of fundraising objectives
  • Project proposals that are potentially defamatory or libellous or seek to intimidate, offend or harass members of the community.


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All applications to the Community Grants Program must meet the eligibility criteria.

Each grant category also has specific eligibility criteria.

Common eligibility criteria require that the organisation must:

  • Be an incorporated not-for-profit organisation or can provide evidence of an auspice arrangement with an incorporated not-for-profit organisation;
  • Be located within the boundaries of the Parramatta local government area and/or principally service Parramatta residents;
  • Address City of Parramatta’s vision statement and at least one of the objectives in the nominated grant category;
  • Project begins after the grant funding commencement date and does not require retrospective, recurrent or ongoing funding;
  • Not have outstanding debts to Council;
  • Not have overdue progress or acquittal reports for previously funded grants.

Planning your projects

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Developing a work plan or timeline is an excellent way to achieve a successful project as it records the major milestones for the project and who is responsible for completing them.

Providing such information is a good way to show that your project is well planned and ready to go.

To assist you in this process, we have developed a basic sample project plan and work plan for you to use in the planning and implementation process

How to apply

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Blue owl text: Apply now, powered by SmartyGrants

All applications for funding grants are completed online through SmartyGrants.

You only need to register once. If you previously applied via SmartyGrants you can use your existing password and login.

Successful grant recipients information

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All organisations who receive funding grants from City of Parramatta are required to complete their projects within 12 months of funding.

Quarterly grant recipients are required to complete their projects within six months of funding.

For projects funded through the Annual Grants program, a progress report will be required at six months, and a final acquittal report upon completion of your project.

Projects funded through the Quarterly Grants program are required to submit a final acquittal report only.

Find out more

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To find out more about funding opportunities, workshops, leadership development, forums, training and more in the Parramatta and Greater Western Sydney area, subscribe to Parramatta e-news

If you need any further information, please feel free to contact our Community Grants team on or call 02 9806 5110.