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Development application (DA)

Development and building forms

These forms will help you prepare your development or other application:

Bond release questionnaire form (PDF, 121.50 KB)

Building certificate application form (PDF, 367.62 KB)

Complying development application - codes (SEPP) (PDF, 928.95 KB)

Conditions for road opening permits (PDF, 466.42 KB)

Construction certificate application form (PDF, 735.11 KB)

Construction or reconstruction of standard footpath crossing (PDF, 1.41 MB)

Credit card authorisation form (PDF, 65.02 KB)

DA fee enquiry application form (PDF, 106.94 KB)

Detailed cost estimate form (PDF, 259.91)

Development application for tree works (PDF, 1.41 MB)

Dilapidation report form (PDF, 343.31 KB)

Endorsement of 88B instruments application form (PDF, 70.05 KB)

Endorsement of 88E instruments application form (PDF, 917.92 KB)

Extension to approved development application working hours application form (PDF, 659 KB)

Fire safety statement (PDF, 211.75 KB)

GIPA formal access to information form (PDF, 432.54 KB)

GIPA informal access to information form (PDF, 336.23 KB)

Heritage minor works application (PDF, 947.43 KB)

Hoarding and tower crane application form (PDF, 403.32 KB)

Hoarding and tower crane policy 2017 (PDF, 934.18 KB)

Levy payment form (PDF, 133.23 KB)

Locate waste containers on public road application form (PDF, 923.2 KB)

Making a submission on a development application brochure (PDF, 364.62 KB)

Newington Community Association building works approval certificate (DOCX, 18.33 KB)

Newington development application approval relationship discussion paper (DOCX, 32.17 KB)

Notice of commencement of works and principal certifying authority (PDF, 321.95 KB)

Occupation certificate application (PDF, 304.46 KB)

Parra certification additional information form (PDF, 188.76 KB)

Planning certificate application S10.7 (PDF, 129 KB)

Political donations and gifts disclosure statement form (PDF, 91.41 KB)

Application for and conduct of review S8.3 (PDF, 1.84 MB)

Section 68 Application (PDF, 135 KB)

S87 modification application form to an approved complying development certificate (PDF, 79.30 KB)

S88G certificate application form (PDF, 64.42 KB)

Subdivision certificate application (PDF, 498.29 KB)

Surrender of a consent(PDF, 50.15 KB)

Swimming pool compliance application (PDF, 374.19 KB)

Tree permit application (PDF, 1.21 MB)

Waste management plan template (draft) (DOCX, 68.0 KB)

Works zone application (DOCX, 577 KB)