Community Grants Program

The City of Parramatta offers a range of quarterly and annual funding opportunities across the Local Government Area (LGA). The Community Grants Program were awarded in June 2017 to 37 organisations or individuals across a wide and diverse range of activities.  Find out more about the 2017 Community Grant recipients.

We aim to support local not-for-profit  community, recreation and sporting groups, clubs, organisations, services, social enterprises and even individuals with a wide range of services and activities that contribute to the strategic objectives of the City's Community Strategic Plan. 

2017 Community Grants Categories

Category Applications
Funding pool
per annum
Funding cap Funding available 
Community Capacity Building Grants 9am 24 January 2017 4pm* 6 March 2017 $225,000
  • $5,000 for Voluntary Organisations
  • $10,000 for Organisations with Paid Staff
Growing Social Enterprise in Parramatta Grants  9am 24 January 2017 4pm* 6 March 2017 $75,000


Creative Project Leveraging Fund 9am 24 January 2017 4pm* 6 March 2017 $60,000 $20,000 Annual
Cultural Heritage and Stories Research Fund 9am 24 January 2017 4pm* 6 March 2017 $20,000 $5,000 Annual
Creative Fellowship Fund 9am 24 January 2017 4pm* 6 March 2017 $20,000 One Fellow Annual

Small Grants Fund (Quarterly Grant) 

Accepted all year

2 Feb, 4 May, 3 August, 2 November 2017

$40,000 $2,000 Quarterly
Social Enterprise Business Planning Grant (Quarterly Grant)
Accepted all year 4pm* 
2 Feb, 4 May, 3 August, 2 November 2017
$40,000 (shared pool with Small Grants) $2,000 Quarterly
Sport and Recreation Grants (Quarterly Grant) Accepted all year 4pm* 
2 Feb, 4 May, 3 August, 2 November 2017
$40,000 $2,000 Quarterly
Representative Sport Grants Accepted all year Awarded all year $10,000 25% of participant expenses up to a cap of $1,000

Open all year round for faster processing

Community Events Grants Open 4pm
11 May, 3 August 2017
$45,000 $10 000 (a maximum of 20% of the entire event budget)


All mandatory support material and supporting documents must be uploaded via the SmartyGrants online application form. Previously funded projects must be acquitted to be eligible for 2017 funding. 
*Applications must be received by 4pm on the closing date and cannot be submitted after this time

2017 City of Parramatta Grants Programs Overview

Community Capacity Building Grants
Aims is to support community projects with a focus on creating arts, cultural celebrations and destinations, opportunities for recreation and leisure, creating vibrant neighbourhoods and precincts, promoting green paces and environment, creating a strong economy, building strong and innovative community infrastructure and managing growth and transport.


Growing Social Enterprise in Parramatta Grants 
Drives the delivery of projects and programs to address identified needs and issues in the community with a strong focus on delivering social, economic, recreational and cultural benefits to Parramatta’s community. Project proposals must align with Parramatta’s vision and priorities including supporting the community to live well, steward our built and natural environment, grow local economy and jobs and being innovative in community services and productive partnerships.


Creative Project Leveraging Fund
Aims to support professional groups and organisation with creative projects in the Parramatta region and is open to those working in all art forms including music, sculpture, dance, painting, writing and literature, theatre, design, film and video and digital and web based projects ad apps. This category has been established as a leverage fund and applicants will be required to attract at least 50% matching funding from additional sources as a condition of receipt of funding - matching funds may in some circumstances include in-kind contributions.


Cultural Heritage and Stories Research Fund
Supports research projects that add to the knowledge of Parramatta’s history and heritage and aims to encourage research that will document and interpret the story of Parramatta for the benefit of current and future generations.
Grant applications must demonstrate the significance and relevance of the research topic to Parramatta’s history and heritage. Applications should aim to enhance knowledge in areas that have not been previously researched.


Creative Fellowship Fund
Support the development of new work and/or the professional development of Parramatta artists and creative workers and is open to those working in all art forms including music, sculpture, dance, painting, writing/literature, theatre, design, film and video, digital and web-based projects and apps. Aims to stimulate connection to community and/or explore the identity of Parramatta through the development and presentation of new works and/or activities and foster innovation and contribute to the growth of the arts and creative sectors.


Quarterly Grants
Grants from quarterly fund funds are only available to each organisation once per financial year, although you can apply for them quarterly and organisations submitting applications as auspice for an unincorporated group are provided some flexibility. Find out more on the 3 grants below:
  • Small Grants - designed to assist voluntary and staffed not-for-profit incorporated organisations to fund one-off costs that will directly support the progression of their capacity building activities, projects or programs. The funding has to be linked to an existing activity, project or program
  • Sport and Recreation Grants - designed to increase participation in local sport and recreation activities, address barriers to participation in sport and recreation, improve the knowledge and skills of volunteers and increase the availability of resources and equipment within local sport and recreation clubs
  • Social Enterprise Business Planning Grants are designed for existing local social enterprises to engage professional services that can assist with the ongoing operation and sustainability of the business (such as marketing, web design, and book-keeping) and to provide funding for existing organisations or groups of individuals who are at the concept development stage of a social enterprise project and need assistance in the research, development and writing of a social enterprise business plan
Representative Sports Grants
This is a fast track category designed to support people who are excelling at sport and representing Parramatta at a state, national or international level; role model active lifestyles and fair play to the community; promote and develop athlete pathways; leverage off and disseminate knowledge and experience with other athletes; and develop leaders to promote participation pathways in their chosen sport or recreation fields. Please note the process can take up to 3 months from the time of closing to the receipt of payment. Projects will not be funded retrospectively so please ensure that you have left enough time between the closing date and the project start. 
Applications are open all year round and must be submitted in advance of the event - you can't rely on a grant and will need to ensure you have the funds to attend competitions as the grant approval process may take around 8 weeks.


Community Events Grants

Supporting not-for-profit organisations, community groups, professional groups, and in some cases individuals with event projects delivered in the City of Parramatta LGA. 

which grant is right for you?

Before completing the application form, read the guidelines applicable to your chosen Community Grant thoroughly. The Community Grants Program has a number of categories and it is best to read each of the guidelines and assess which is the right grant for your organisation. You should also become familiar with the criteria for the category that you wish to apply for and have your project planned thoroughly before starting the application process.

How to apply?

All applications for funding grants are completed online through SmartyGrants that requires a one-time registration. If you have applied through SmartyGrants before you can use your existing login details again to apply for City for Parramatta Grants. All applications must come through this system - hard copy and electronic applications will not be accepted.

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