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Know your waste!

Results from the NSW Local Government’s 2016 Community Satisfaction Survey rated Council very highly regarding its waste services, the results show City of Parramatta Council achieved the highest performance result across newly established councils. We know you take waste matters seriously. So do we! City of Parramatta recently secured a new seven-year contract for its waste collection and resource recovery services which will commence from 6 November 2017.

What does this mean for you?

This new contract will result in savings to Council without incurring a reduction in services. In fact, in 2017/18 the former Parramatta City Council households will continue to enjoy the lowest waste charges in the region while standard charges will fall by up to nine percent for some properties in other parts of the City of Parramatta local government area. In addition to this, you will reap the benefit of accessing Council’s new fully pre-booked service for bulky kerbside collections. This new system will offer four bookings per year with an increased limit of up to 2 cubic metres per booking to all residents currently receiving a domestic waste service from Council. This change will offer you greater convenience and flexibility as well as cleaner and tidier streets.

From 6 November this year a small number of households will have their weekly garbage bin collection days changed, and some new residents will move from a 2-bin to a 3-bin system. Residents affected by these changes will be notified directly in the coming weeks and well in advance of the changeover date.

If you need more information, please visit our Waste Services Changes - Frequently Asked Questions page or call Council’s Waste Hotline on 9806 5544.

Your current waste services

City of Parramatta provides residents with a weekly garbage service and an alternating, fortnightly recycling and garden waste service.  

Council works closely with our waste and recycling contractor Cleanaway Municipal Services to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

In Parramatta, residents are provided with a 3 bin collection system together plus four kerbside bulk clean-ups per year (2 x booked, 2 x scheduled). If you have clean-up needs outside of the scheduled dates, please book a clean-up or phone 9621 7222. 

  Type Size/Load
Lid Colour Frequency
of collection
garbage bin Garbage Bin  140L / 70kg Red or Green Weekly

Available for  Single Unit Dwellings (SUD) at an additional cost
140L = $403.50 *
240L = $608.20*

*2016/17 fees - subject to change 

 recycle bin Recycling Bin 240L / 70kg Yellow Fortnightly No

Multi Unit Dwellings (MUDs) share 1 between 2 households
 Garden Bin Garden Bin 240L / 70kg Lime or Dark Green Fortnightly


MUDs do not normally have these


Make sure your bins are: 

  • placed out the evening prior to collection 
  • placed correctly on the kerb with the lids closed
  • not too heavy (bins may not be collected if they weigh more than 70kgs)

What is the Domestic Waste Charge?

All City of Parramatta ratepayers incur an annual Domestic Waste Charge. The charge entitles each household to:

  • weekly domestic garbage bin collection and fortnightly garden organics and recycling bin collections
  • four kerbside clean-ups a year (one per quarter)
  • supply and replacement of household bins
  • educational materials upon request

How is the Domestic Waste Charge Calculated?

Your domestic waste charge is based on:

  • size of the garbage bin you are currently using
  • the amount City of Parramatta is charged to tip domestic waste at landfill

Single Unit Dwellings (SUDs) have the option to up-size their garbage bins from 140L to 240L for an additional cost. The annual domestic waste charge in 2017/18 for 140L is $403.50 and $608.20 for a 240L bin.

Parramatta Garbage & Recycling Collection Areas

When is rubbish collected?

Although the borders have changed with the City of Parramatta amalgamation, we have a waste contract based on the previous borders. If your property is on the borderline, or you notice any discrepancies in the map below, contact the Waste Hotline on 02 9806 5544.

Download the Garbage and Recycling Map to see if your waste is picked up in Week 1 or 2
Download Waste Collection Calendar for Week 1
Download Waste Collection Calendar for Week 2

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