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10 May 2023

Draft Delivery Program 2022-26, Operational Plan & Budget 2023/24

The Delivery Program and Operational Plan 2022-26 & Budget 2023/24 was adopted by Council on 26 June 2023. Click here for more details


The Draft Delivery Program and Operational Plan (‘DPOP’) & Budget 2023/24 was exhibited for public feedback from Wednesday 10 May to Wednesday 7 June 2023.

This is Council’s primary response to the Community Strategic Plan (‘CSP’), which outlines the community’s aspirations for the future of Parramatta.

The full Draft Delivery Program 2022–2026 and Operational Plan & Budget 2023/24 and a shorter Community Summary can be found in the Resources section of this page.

Enquiries can be sent to, who will forward your query to the relevant team/s in Council.

This exhibition closed on Wednesday 7 June 2023.

Please note, any personal information provided by you in your feedback will be collected by Council to properly consider your feedback and communicate with you further about this matter, if required. The supply of this information is required in order to participate. Any personal information collected can be accessed by you and may also be available to third parties, in accordance with Council’s Privacy Management Policy and Plan. Further information regarding the collection, protection, and use of your personal information can be found in the City of Parramatta Council’s Privacy Statement.



Draft Delivery Program 2022-26 and Operational Plan 2023/24


The Delivery Program, originally adopted with the Year 1 Operational Plan in 2022, details its proposed activities for the four financial years from 2022/23 to 2025/26. It aligns with and helps to realise the vision and directions of the draft refreshed Community Strategic Plan 2018-2038 (‘CSP’).

The draft Year 2 Delivery Program includes an Operational Plan & Budget for the 2023/24 financial year, which outlines the specific services, projects, performance indicators and financial details for the period.

Council reviews these plans every year to ensure the programs and projects are on track and aligned to CSP priority goals.

The draft Year 2 Delivery Program, Operational Plan & Budget ('DPOP') and summary versions are available in the Resources section of this page.

Draft Budget 2023/24


Council has budgeted for more than $613 million in operating and capital expenditure in the 2023/24 financial year – representing Council’s largest delivery commitment to date.

This will fund the broad range of services and projects listed in the DPOP, and includes a strong program of capital works for the year.

Council spend


Rating Structures

The draft Budget includes proposed rating structures for 2023/24 for all rateable properties (residential and business). Rates and charges are Council’s main source of recurrent income, and are used to maintain infrastructure and deliver services and facilities to the community.

Council typically increases its rates by a small amount each year, to cover increasing costs of delivery. Limits to annual rate increases are determined by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART), setting the maximum general income Council can collect from ordinary rates.

You can read more about the draft Budget in the Resources section of this page.

Draft Fees & Charges 2023/24


Council's Fees & Charges 2023/24 outline a range of updated Fees & Charges proposed for Council services and can be found in the Resources section of this page. The new Fees & Charges are scheduled to commence on 1 July 2023.

Draft Long-Term Financial Plan & Resourcing Strategy


To implement our strategic and operational plans, Council needs to carefully manage finances, assets and infrastructure, and the workforce. 

To guide the DPOP, Council has also prepared a draft 10-year Long Term Financial Plan 2023-33 (LTFP) as part of its Resourcing Strategy. The LTFP informs decision-making over the long term and helps ensure Council can continue delivering its broad range of services and projects in a financially sustainable way.

The following draft Resourcing Strategy plans have also been updated, and are available to view:

  • Draft Workforce Management Strategy
  • Draft Asset Management Strategy and Asset Management Plans for Buildings, Open Spaces, Stormwater, and Transport 




Frequently Asked Questions
  • The draft Budget details Council’s funding for projects and services, forecast financial position, and proposed rates, fees and charges for the year.

    It includes more than $613 million in funding for Council services and projects in the 2023/24 Financial Year.

    The draft Budget can be viewed in the Resources section as "Draft DPOP Part 4: Financial Information".

  • Rates can fluctuate annually, and are calculated on a combination of factors. These include the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) rate pegging, which sets the maximum increases Council can apply, and changes in land values reported by the NSW Valuer General to Council.

    For the 2023/24 year, IPART has set the rate peg to 3.7%, which is reflected in this draft budget.

    It is important to note that the rate peg increase authorised by IPART applies to Council’s overall income from rates, and not individual ratepayers’ rates. Individual rates are influenced by individual factors, such as land valuations conducted by the NSW Valuer General.

    Consequently, rates for individuals may deviate more or less than the approved percentage, depending on how land valuation changes relative to other ratepayers’ land values in a given year.

  • Council may charge and/or recover fees for any service it provides. Fees and charges are distinct from the rates and annual levies applied to properties within the LGA. When setting fees and charges, Council considers the nature of the service and recognises any community service obligations and wider policy objectives, including its commitments to equity and social justice.

    The draft Fees & Charges 2023/24 are currently on exhibition. If adopted, the new Fees & Charges will commence on 1 July 2023.

  • To guide the Delivery Program, Operational Plan and Budget, Council is also required to prepare a Long-Term Financial Plan (LTFP) for a minimum ten year period as part of its Resourcing Strategy. The LTFP is reviewed annually.

    The LTFP outlines Council's plan to maintain quality service delivery and sustainable financial management over the next ten years.

    The full Resourcing Strategy will be presented to Council for endorsement in June 2023 in line with requirements under the Act.

  • Your feedback will be used to inform final changes made to the proposed projects, services, budgets, fees and charges in the draft plans.

    Community feedback will be presented to Councillors and considered before the adoption of the plans.

Contact us


If you have questions or want to learn more about this project, please contact us using the details below:
Name: Corporate Strategy Team
Phone: 02 9806 8567

  • If you need assistance providing feedback, or you would like information supplied in another language or format, please contact Council's Community Engagement Team via 1300 617 058 or

    If you would like to speak to someone over the phone in another language, call TIS National on 131 450 for a free interpreting service. Let them know you want to speak to City of Parramatta Council and your chosen language and they will connect you.

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    如果您希望以其它语言进行电话交谈,请致电 131 450 联系 TIS 全国服务中心获取免费传译服务。告诉他们您想与 Parramatta 市议会通话和您选用的语言,他们就会为您接通。

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    अगर आप फ़ोन पर किसी अन्य भाषा में बात करना चाहते/चाहती हैं, तो निःशुल्क दुभाषिया सेवा के लिए 131 450 पर TIS National को कॉल करें। उन्हें बताएं कि आप सिटी ऑफ़ पैरामाटा काउंसिल से अपनी चुनी हुई भाषा में बात करना चाहते/चाहती हैं और वे आपको कनेक्ट करेंगे।

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    다른 언어로 전화 문의를 원하시면, 통번역 서비스(TIS National) 전화 131 450번으로 연락해 무료 통역을 이용하십시오. 파라마타 시 카운슬과 통화를 원한다고 말하고 해당 언어를 선택하시면 연결됩니다.

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