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Creative Project Leveraging Fund

The City of Parramatta Council Creative Project Leveraging Fund aims to support professional groups and organisations with creative projects in the Parramatta region.

This category is open to those working in all art forms, including but not limited to, music, sculpture, dance, painting, interpretation, writing/literature, theatre, design, film/video and digital media. 

Category objectives

  • Develop the skills of our local creative talent;
  • Increase participation in arts and creative sectors;
  • Stimulate connection to community, through the development of works and/or activities that explore the identity of the Parramatta region;
  • Encourage growth and increase the value of the creative sector to the Parramatta community, culture and economy;
  • Foster innovation in the arts and creative sectors.

Available funding

$60,000 is allocated to the Creative Project Leveraging Fund. The maximum funding available to any one project in this category is $20,000 (not including GST).

This category has been established as a leverage fund. Applicants will be required to attract at least 50% matching funding from additional sources as a condition of receipt of funding (note: matching funds may, in some circumstances, include inkind contributions).

Program timelines

This program is open once a year. Projects must start after July 1. Successful recipients in this category are required to: 

  • Complete their projects within 12 months of funding.
  • Submit two Progress Reports, after four and nine months respectively, during the funding period and a Final Acquittal Report upon project completion.
    •  4 month Progress Report due date 1 November 
    •  9 month Progress Report due date 1 April  
    •  Final Acquittal Report due date 1 July (following year) 

Failure to acquit the grant will affect any future funding requests.


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Contact us

e: grants@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au 
p: (02) 9806 5110