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COVID-19: - Strict lockdown restrictions now apply for Parramatta LGA. Read more >

Precinct Planning

Melrose Park Urban Renewal Precinct

The Melrose Park Precinct is located on the eastern boundary of the Parramatta LGA, approximately 7km east of the Parramatta CBD. Approximately 55 hectares in size, the precinct is divided into northern and southern parts, with Hope Street dividing the two. The northern part is bound by Victoria Road to the north, Wharf Road to the east, Hope Street to the south and Hughes Avenue to the west.

The southern part is approximately 20 ha in size and is bound by Hope Street to the north, Wharf Road to the east, Parramatta River to the south, and Atkins Road to the west. The Precinct is referred to as Melrose Park, however it also incorporates a portion of Ermington along the western edge.

Planning for the redevelopment of this precinct has been occurring since 2016 and has involved consultation between Council, landowners, applicants and various Government agencies.

Maps of Melrose park precinct


Reason for change

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Land use needs in Sydney have changed significantly over the years with many existing industrial areas are no longer considered suitable or viable for continued industrial operations. Melrose Park is one area that has experienced a decline in recent years due to the restructuring of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, which is progressively relocating its operations off-shore or to larger industrial parks.

These companies were located within large purpose-built warehouses that are difficult to adapt for other uses. This combined with other factors such as distance from major arterial transport corridors and the close proximity to residential areas means that the precinct is no longer considered suitable for industrial uses and therefore presents a good opportunity for urban renewal.

Past planning work

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Employment Lands Strategy

To respond to the changing nature of industrial lands, the City of Parramatta Council undertook an Employment Lands Study in 2015/2016, which was used to inform the subsequent Employment Lands Strategy (ELS). This Strategy reviewed all Employment Lands within the Parramatta LGA and provides a consolidated set of land use planning Actions for these areas.

Melrose Park Precinct is Precinct 11 in the ELS and identifies the precinct as being suitable for redevelopment for non-industrial uses. The ELS only reviewed the existing industrial land in the precinct which is coloured grey in the image below. A requirement of the ELS is that a Structure Plan be prepared before any changes to the planning controls in the precinct can occur. The ELS was reviewed in 2020 and is available to view using the link below.

Melrose Park structure plan area


Structure Plans

A Structure Plan is a high-level planning document that is intended to act as a guide for future development in a particular area and must be prepared to allow a coordinated approach to redevelopment. Unlike a Planning Proposal, a Structure Plan does not have the ability to rezone land or change any planning controls such as building heights and floor space ratios. Instead, it provides an overview of where infrastructure such roads, open space and retail centres may be located. It also provides some indication of densities, similar to a Master Plan.

In mid-2016 it was decided to split the precinct into northern and southern parts to enable better management of the planning process. The Northern Structure Plan was adopted by Council December 2016 and the Southern Structure Plan adopted by Council in December 2019.  

Current planning work

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Planning proposals

To enable redevelopment to occur, the land is required to be rezoned to permit non-industrial land uses. This is done through a Planning Proposal, which amends the Parramatta Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2011. The Planning Proposal is a statutory process and needs to be done in accordance with the requirements of Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 and Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000.

The Planning Proposal process requires detailed assessment of the proposed changes which involves comprehensive consultation between Council staff, the applicant and State agencies to ensure the best outcome is achieved. Engagement with the public is also undertaken at predetermined stages of the Planning Proposal process to seek feedback from the community before any final decisions are made.

Redevelopment of the northern precinct is more advanced than the southern precinct. The major landowner within the northern part of the precinct is Payce, who own approximately 85% of the land. The major landowner in the southern precinct is Holdmark, who own just under 50% of the land.

Northern precinct

Melrose Park North Planning Proposal

Council reference: RZ/1/2016

DPIE reference: PP-2020-1983

Planning Portal

The Melrose Park North Planning Proposal applies to land at 8, 38-42, 44 & 44A Wharf Road, Melrose Park, 15-19 & 27-19 Hughes Avenue and 655 Victoria Road, Ermington. These sites are owned by three separate landowners and their respective planning proposals have been combined to form the Melrose Park North Planning Proposal. The land subject to this proposal is outlined in yellow in the below image.

The process also involves the preparation of a Site-Specific Development Control Plan (DCP) which contains detailed design controls specific to the precinct. Developers will also be required to contribute towards the delivery of community infrastructure in the precinct through Planning Agreements or Section 7.11/7.12 development contributions or a combination of both.

Melrose park North planning proposal area

Current Status 

A report on the exhibition outcomes of the Melrose Park North Planning Proposal and draft Site-Specific DCP will be considered by the Local Planning Panel at its meeting of 17 August 2021. To view the report and attachments, please visit Council’s Busines Paper page. Note that this report does not consider the draft Planning Agreement.

Council is currently re-exhibiting an amended draft Planning Agreement which is on exhibition from Monday, 9 August 2021 to Monday, 6 September 2021. Details of the exhibition can be viewed on Council’s Participate Parramatta site.

Next Steps

Following review of all submissions, a report will be prepared for the Local Planning Panel (LPP) and subsequently for consideration by Council. This report will detail the outcomes of the exhibition, including issues raised in submissions and Council officer recommendations. It is anticipated that this report will be considered by the LPP and  Council in the second half of 2021. Further details on the reporting date will be provided when known. Should you have any questions regarding this project, please email

Southern Precinct

Holdmark Planning Proposal

Council reference: RZ/1/2020

DPIE reference: PP-2020-4038

This Proposal applies to two separate sites owned by Holdmark at 112 Wharf Road and 30 & 32 Waratah Street, Melrose Park (East site) and 82 Hughes Avenue, Ermington (West Site). The sites are highlighted yellow in the below image.

The Proposal intends to redevelop the site from industrial to a mix of R4 High Density Residential and RE1 Public Recreation. The overall dwelling yield is approximately 1,925 units (835 units on the East site, 1,090 units on the West site). Building heights are proposed to range from 8 storeys (34m), 12 storeys (45m) and 22 storeys (77m) on both sites, with lower heights on the perimeter of the sites and upper heights in the centre.

Holdmark Planning Proposal area


This Planning Proposal is with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) for Gateway determination to assess whether it should proceed to public exhibition and consultation.


If you require further information about the Melrose Park Precinct please contact the Project Team at or on 1300 617 058.