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Wentworth Point

Construction in Wentworth Point

Wentworth Point planning controls

A number of planning controls apply to Wentworth Point:

  • Sydney Regional Environmental Plan No. 24 – Homebush Bay Area (SREP24) and Homebush Bay West Development Control Plan 2004 and Amendment No. 1 (2013);
  • Auburn Local Environmental Plan 2010 and Wentworth Point Development Control Plan 2014; and
  • State Environmental Planning Policy (State Significant Precincts Sydney Olympic Park) 2005.

The relevant controls applying to Wentworth Point are illustrated below, and more detail can be found at Council’s Planning webpages.


A number of infrastructure projects are completed, underway, or planned for Wentworth Point including:

  • Bennelong Bridge provides bus and active transport access to Rhodes (opened May 2016)
  • Public primary school (opened early 2018)
  • Peninsula Park within Urban Activation Precinct lands (development approval, with construction anticipated to commence in mid-2018)
  • Upgrade access to Hill Road from M4 Motorway
  • NSW Government announced the Parramatta Light Rail Stage 2 preferred route, which travels along Hill Road and crosses the Parramatta River linking Wentworth Point and the Melrose Park precinct. It is noted that this project is in planning phase and is still to get commitment to its funding and construction.

Access into and out of Wentworth Point remains a key planning challenge, as private vehicle access is limited to one road in and out of the precinct (Hill Road).

Peninsula Park

In June 2014, the NSW Government, (former) UrbanGrowth NSW and the former Auburn Council signed a Precinct Support Scheme agreement allocating $5 million to design and construct a new park at the tip of the Wentworth Point peninsula. Delivery of the park is the responsibility of Landcom (formerly UrbanGrowth NSW) on behalf of RMS, who own the land.

In February 2016, the Joint Regional Planning Panel approved a Development Application lodged by UrbanGrowth NSW (former Auburn Council reference DA-40/2015). This Development Application included works associated with the park such as site remediation, construction of a sea wall, and landscaping of the park.

Landcom is currently working with Council to progress delivery of the park, and construction is anticipated to begin in mid-2018.

Current planning matters

Council is currently considering a number of planning matters at Wentworth Point. Key matters are identified below.

Wentworth Point Marinas “Block H” site – proposed DCP amendment and Planning Agreement

The Wentworth Point Marinas site has been undergoing staged redevelopment since 2006, and ‘Block H’ constitutes one of the remaining undeveloped parcels. The planning controls for Block H are set through the Homebush Bay West Development Control Plan (DCP) 2004 Amendment no.1.

Current Status

At its meeting of 11 May 2020, Council considered a report on a draft amendment to the Homebush Bay West DCP and accompanying planning agreement which will deliver public benefits such as the continuation of the free community shuttle bus service, new public open space, road improvement works and spaces for a child care and community facilities. Council resolved at this meeting that the draft DCP amendment and draft planning agreement could proceed to the exhibition phase of the planning process. The Council report and associated attachments detailing the proposed changes can be viewed through the link below. Refer to Item 18.2 starting on page 345.

Council Report and Attachments - 11 May 2020

Next Steps

Council staff are preparing the necessary exhibition documents and it is anticipated that the public exhibition will commence in August/September 2020 and run for 28 days.  During the public exhibition period, the community will have the opportunity to comment on the proposed DCP changes and draft planning agreement and make a formal submission. In particular, Council will be inviting the community to provide specific feedback on the water recreation facility and / or indoor multipurpose courts that are proposed as part of the planning agreement. Further details about the exhibition and submission process will be provided in due course so please check this page for the latest information.

14-16 Hill Road - Planning Proposal

The Sydney West Joint Regional Planning Panel approved a Stage 1 Development Application in February 2016 when this site was part of the former Auburn Council Local Government Area (LGA). The approval granted the allocation of 188,800sqm of residential gross floor area, the demolition of existing buildings, tree removal, earthworks, site remediation, and construction of roads, sea wall and public domain works.

As a result of the Local Government amalgamation in May 2016, this site became part of the City of Parramatta Council. A planning proposal was lodged with Council in December 2017 seeking to amend the planning controls to reflect a new layout for the site, including additional height (up to 40 storeys) and open space (but no additional density). Some additional changes are also proposed to allow for commercial premises and cafes on the site.

The planning proposal is accompanied by a draft amendment to the Wentworth Point DCP 2014, which reflects a new proposed masterplan layout, and draft planning agreement for the embellishment of the new foreshore park and road improvement works to the intersection at Hill Road/ Burroway Road.

A report on the draft planning proposal was considered by the Local Planning Panel (LPP) on 16 July 2019 and by Council at its meeting of 26 August 2019, where it was endorsed to forward the planning proposal to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) for Gateway determination. The LPP and Council reports and associated attachments can be viewed though the links below. A Gateway determination was issued by the DPIE on 31 March 2020 enabling the planning proposal to proceed to public exhibition subject to a number of conditions being addressed.

Local Planning Panel Report – 16 July 2019 (Item 6.1, from page 123)

Council Report – 26 August 2019 (Item 18.2, from page 395)

Current Status

Council staff are currently reviewing the draft DCP changes and the draft planning agreement. A report on these matters will be prepared for and considered by Council in due course.


This page will be updated as these projects progress. For any enquiries, please contact Council’s Land Use Planning team on 1300 617 058.