Car parks

Over 7,000 metered on and off-street parking spaces are available in Parramatta.

City of Parramatta operates paid ticket parking in the city centre and North Parramatta that helps visitors to find parking spaces and encourage greater patronage of local businesses. Lower ticket parking rates apply in the northern and southern fringes of the CBD. Parking restrictions have also been installed beyond the metered area to ensure that there is parking available for residents, visitors, and local businesses.

New Parking Meters

Parramatta City currently rolled out new parking meters in the Parramatta CBD and surrounds. Parking meter upgrades mean new, convenient methods of payment, including through mobile phones, and easy-to-operate interfaces.

Find Parramatta CBD Parking Meter locations.

If you would like to pay a parking meter using your mobile phone, you'll need to register your mobile phone first by calling 1800 017 827 and have your caller ID enabled. Follow the instructions and enter the details requested. Once you've registered, you won't need to complete this process again unless you want to use a different mobile number.

Visit CDS Worldwide for full terms and conditions.

Parking Enforcement

City of Parramatta's Community Safety Officers patrol the Parramatta Local Government Area to ensure vehicles are parked safely and legally. Infringement notices may be issued for parking offences.

Cost of Parking in Parramatta

  • $3.50 CBD (Central)
  • $2.50 North Parramatta (north of Parramatta River, except Church Street and the southern part of the CBD between Church Street, Parkes Street, the railway line and Raymond Street)
  • $1.50 after 6pm and all day Saturday for operating meters
  • $1.50 per hour where there is 10-hour parking or all day parking

Meters accept coins starting from 10c (no change is given) and credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Amex and Diners). Parking concession rates are not available for metered parking as per the RTA manual.

Parking fines are set by legislation administered by the RTA and NSW Treasury. Councils do not set or amend parking fine penalties.

Community Safety Officers cannot withdraw a notice once it has been issued or commenced. Once a notice has been issued or commenced, there is an appeals procedure which can be made either to City of Parramatta or the SDRO.

Community Safety officers are trained to assist members of the public with their requests for information and general advice regarding parking related matters.

Parking for Disabled Drivers

If you are a disabled drivers with a Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS) card displayed on the windscreen of your vehicle, you are entitled to the following parking concessions:

  • in a metered, coupon or ticket parking area - no charge
  • is limited by a sign to more than 30 minutes - park for an unlimited time
  • is limited by a sign for 30 minutes - park for two hours
  • is limited by a sign to less than 30 minutes - park for a maximum of 30 minutes

Note: Parking concession is not available to disabled drivers in multi-level car parks.

Find out more about Disabled Parking, Coach and Loading Zones (347Kb) and Taxi Zones (158Kb)

All day parking in Parramatta (map)

A maximum parking fee of either $9.00 or $7.50 per day applies on 'all day' and '10-hour' on-street metered parking spaces in the city centre and surrounding areas. Generally, this restriction is on one side of the street only. 

Set-down/pick-up areas for Parramatta Railway Station

  • Macquarie Street south side, east of Centenary Square
  • Darcy Street north side outside Council Building
  • West side of Smith Street, north of Darcy Street(outside Sydney Water building
  • Fitzwilliam Street outside railway station
  • Valentine Avenue near Wentworth Street

Free Parking 

Motorists are encouraged to check the information panel on the meters for time restrictions.

Free 15 minute parking is available in the following Parramatta City centre streets:

  • CBD streets bounded by Marsden Street, Phillip St, Smith Street and the railway line, plus Church Street south of Argyle Street
  • Ross Street between Villiers and Sorrell Streets
  • Grose Street between Villiers and Sorrell Streets

Please note, parking tickets must be displayed.

There is also 5 minute free parking in the following streets of Parramatta near schools, railway stations, Parramatta Central Library and Australia Post outlets:

  • Macquarie Street between Smith and Charles Streets Monday - Friday 8:30 - 9:30am and 2:30 - 3:30pm
  • Little Street Monday - Friday 8:30 - 9:30am and 2:30 - 3:30pm
  • Villers Street

Motorcycle Parking in Parramatta CBD

Free and pay parking facilities for motorcycles are available in the following streets of Parramatta CBD:

Free Parking

  • Erby Place
  • Corner of Horwood Place and Macquarie Lane
  • Parkes Street outside Parramatta Station Car Park
  • Fennell Street Car Park, North Parramatta
  • Erby Lane off Horwood Place

Pay Parking

  • Eat Street car park
  • Parramatta Station car park
  • City Centrecar park
  • Justice Precinct car park