List of Parks and Reserves

Parramatta Park with someone walk down roadway



              Bingara Park

              Bingara Road, Beecroft
              Features / facilities: Playground  

              Orchard Road Reserve

              Orchard Road, Beecroft
              Features / facilities: Playground,  picnic facilities  

              Roselea Park

              Roselea way, Beecroft
              Features / facilities:  Sporting fields, toilets 


              Avonlea Drive Park

              Corner Avonlea Drive and Plympton Road, Carlingford
              Features / facilities: Walking track, playground, picnic facilities  

              Bradley Drive Reserve

              Bradley Drive, Carlingford
              Features / facilities: Playground

              Carlingford High School Ovals

              North Rocks Road, Carlingford
              Features / facilities:  Sporting fields 

              Carmen Drive Reserve

              Carmen Drive, Carlingford
              Features / facilities: Playground, opposite local shops  

              Cox park

              141 Evans Road, Carlingford
              Features / facilities: Walking track, playground, sporting field  

              Douglass Avenue Reserve

              Corner Douglass Avenue and Woodstock Road, Carlingford
              Features / facilities: Playground  

              Dunrossil Park

              Dunrossil Avenue, Carlingford
              Features / facilities: Playground, picnic facilities  

              Fred Spurway Park

              34 Mobbs Lane, Carlingford
              Features / facilities: Walking track, sporting field  

              Galaringi & Eric Mobbs Memorial Park

              356 Marsden Road, Carlingford
              Features / facilities: Walking track; parking  

              Harold West Reserve

              Moseley Street, Carlingford
              Features / facilities: Toilets, sporting field, outdoor exercise stations  

              James Hoskin Reserve

              17 Marook Street, Carlingford
              Features / facilities: Playground, outdoor exercise stations  

              John Wearn Reserve

              Farnell Avenue, Carlingford
              Features / facilities: Skate park, covered playground  

              K13 Submarine Memorial Park

              304 Pennant Hills Road, Carlingford
              Features / facilities: World War One memorial, parking  

              Kilpack Park

              Darwin Street, Carlingford
              Features / facilities: Playground, picnic facilities, outdoor exercise stations  

              Larry Bolitho Reserve

              Corner Post Office Street and Young Road, Carlingford
              Features / facilities: Shaded playground  

              Murray Farm Reserve

              Carmen Drive, Carlingford
              Features / facilities:  Sporting fields 

              North Rocks Park

              North Rocks Road, Carlingford
              Features / facilities: Toilets, walking track, playground, sporting field, cricket nets, picnic facilities, tennis courts  

              Peggy Womersley Reserve (Kingsdene Oval)

              Felton Road, Carlingford
              Features / facilities: Toilets, playground, kiosk, lighting  

              Pinetree Park

              Pinetree Drive, Carlingford
              Features / facilities:  Playground 

              Rainbow Farm Reserve

              Coral Tree Drive, Carlingford
              Features / facilities: Playground  

              Ray Park

              Avonlea Drive, Carlingford
              Features / facilities: Walking track, playground, picnic facilities  

              Robin Street Park

              Corner Robin and Wavell Streets, Carlingford
              Features / facilities: Playground  

              Talinga Park

              29a Talinga Street, Carlingford
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  

              Constitution Hill

              Armagh Park/Alice Watkins Reserve

              6a Portadown Road, Constitution Hill
              Features / facilities: Playground  

              Birk Park

              12 Marie Street, Constitution Hill
              Features / facilities: Playground  

              Emma Playground

              10 Emma Crescent, Constitution Hill
              Features / facilities: Playground  

              Richill Park

              1b Lurgan Street, Constitution Hill
              Features / facilities: Playground  


              Anna Maria King Park

              Rippon Avenue, Dundas
              Features / facilities: Playground

              Dundas Park

              42a Yates Avenue, Dundas
              Features / facilities: Toilets, parking, playground, sporting field, picnic facilities, outdoor exercise stations  

              Fred Robertson Park

              76 Kissing Point Road, Dundas
              Features / facilities: Walking track, playground  

              Reserve ON Arrunga Street

              5a Arrunga Street, Dundas
              Features / facilities: Playground  

              Williams Reserve

              8a Dora Crescent, Dundas
              Features / facilities: Playground  

              Winjoy Reserve

              1c Calder Road, Dundas​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground  

              Dundas valley

              Acacia Park

              42a Evans Road, Dundas​​​​​​​ Valley
              Features / facilities: Off-street parking, fenced playground, seating    

              Rapanea Community Forest

              34 Brand Street, Dundas Valley​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Walking track, playground  

              Sir Thomas Mitchell Reserve

              31a Alexander Street, Dundas Valley​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, sporting field  


              David Hamilton Reserve

              19a Terry Road, Eastwood​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Walking track, playground  

              Somerville Park

              Blaxland Road, Eastwood​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Parking, playground, sporting field, cricket nets  


              Boronia Park

              37 Bridge Street, Epping​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Toilets, parking, playground, sporting field, picnic facilities, outdoor exercise stations  

              David Scott Reserve

              97 Midson Road, Epping​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground  

              Dence Park

              26 Stanley Road, Epping​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Walking track, parking, aquatic centre, picnic facilities  

              Duncan Park

              47 Kent Street, Epping​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Sporting field

              Edna Hunt Sanctuary

              14 Yaraan Avenue, Epping​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Walking track    

              Forest Park

              Forest Grove, Epping​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Toilets, playground, historic site, picnic facilities  

              Kim Rutherford Reserve

              20 Wyralla Avenue, Epping​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground  

              Loftus Square

              35 Willoughby Street, Epping​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground  

              MOBBS LANE RESERVE

              53 Mobbs Lane, Epping
              Features / facilities: Walking track, parking, playground 

              Pembroke Street Park

              Corner Pembroke Street and Chambers Court, Epping​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, picnic facilities  

              West Epping Park

              Mountain Street, Epping​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities:  Sporting fields, tennis courts, picnic facilities, off-street parking 


              Bruce Miller Reserve

              6a Trumper Street, Ermington​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  

              Cowells Lane Reserve

              17a Cowells Lane, Ermington​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Parking, dog off-leash space, playground, outdoor exercise stations  

              Eccles Park

              68a Spurway Street, Ermington​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Parking, playground, picnic facilities  

              George Kendell Riverside Park

              38 Spofforth Street, Ermington​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Walking track, parking, playground, sporting field, bike path, picnic facilities, netball courts, outdoor exercise stations  

              Halvorsen Park

              40 Seamist Avenue, Ermington​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, sporting field, picnic facilities  

              Hilder Road Reserve

              31a Hilder Road, Ermington​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground  

              Hughes Avenue Reserve

              46 Hughes Avenue, Ermington​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  

              Jenkins Street Reserve

              26a Jenkins Street, Ermington​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground  

              Lockyer Reserve

              421a Kissing Point Road, Ermington​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground  

              Thomas Wemyss Park

              12 Bartlett Street, Ermington​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground  

              Tynan Park

              15 Stamford Avenue, Ermington​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  


              Bennalong Park

              188 William Street, Granville
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating

              Chiswick Park

              25a Chiswick Road, South Granville
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating

              Colquhoun Park

              196 Blaxcell Street, South Granville
              Features / facilities: Playground, sporting fields, netball courts, cricket pitch, cricket nets, chess tables

              F.S Garside Park

              1 Onslow Street, Granville​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Off-street parking, playground, sporting fields  

              Granville Memorial Park

              1a Enid Avenue, Granville

              Harris Park

              Experiment Farm Reserve

              9 Ruse Street, Harris Park​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Historic site  

              James Ruse Reserve

              45 Hassall Street, Parramatta​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Off-street parking, skate park, playground, water play area, picnic facilities  

              Rosella Park

              43a Wigram Street, Harris Park​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  

              Mays Hill

              Mays Hill Reserve

              Franklin Street, Mays Hill​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Toilets, historic site, picnic facilities, tennis courts  


              Blankers-Koen Park

              Newington Boulevard, Newington​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Walking path

              Buruwang Park

              Muhammed Ali Parade, Newington​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground  

              Cumberland Park

              Cumberland Square, Newington​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, picnic facilities  

              Newington Reserve

              Holker Street, Newington​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Toilets, sporting field, picnic facilities, outdoor exercise stations  

              Pierre De Coubertin Park

              Newington Boulevard, Newington​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Dog off-leash, playground  

              North Parramatta

              All saints Cemetery

              56 Fennell Street, North Parramatta​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Parking, playground, historic site  

              Barton Park

              114 Gladstone Road, North Parramatta​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, sporting field  

              Belmore Park

              1a Pennant Hills Road, North Parramatta​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Parking, playground, sporting field, cricket nets  

              Dan Mahoney Reserve

              75 Gladstone Street, North Parramatta​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Dog off-leash, sporting field  

              Doyle Ground

              12 Buller Street, North Parramatta​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Parking, playground, sporting field, cricket nets, outdoor exercise stations  

              Lake Parramatta Reserve

              28 Bourke Street, North Parramatta​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Toilets, walking track, off-street parking, playground, historic site, picnic facilities

              Old Saleyards Reserve

              120 Macarthur Street, North Parramatta​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Parking, sporting field  

              P.H Jeffery Reserve

              108 Isabella Street, North Parramatta​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Parking  

              Rosslyn Blay Park

              51a Grose Street, North Parramatta​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground  

              Sherwin Park

              38a Isabella Street, North Parramatta​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Parking, playground  

              Walter Lawry Methodist Memorial Park

              2 Buller Street, North Parramatta​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Historic site  

              North Rocks

              Don Moore Reserve

              Tiernan Avenue, North Rocks​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Dog off-leash space, playground, tennis courts  

              Hunts Creek Reserve

              Northam Drive, North Rocks​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities:  Nature reserve 

              Jason Place Reserve

              Jason Place, North Rocks​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground

              Seville Reserve

              Plymouth Avenue, North Rocks​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, nature reserve  

              Speers Road Reserve (Hazel Ryan Oval)

              Whitbread Place, North Rocks​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Cricket nets, picnic facilities  


              Arthur Phillip Park

              2a Edward Street, Northmead​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Toilets, playground, sporting Field, cricket nets, outdoor exercise stations  

              Burlington Memorial Park

              23 Boundary Rd, Northmead​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Dog off-leashy space, picnic facilities  

              Charles Herbert Reserve

              12b Whitehaven Road, Northmead​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground  

              John Hourigan Reserve

              Lodore Place, Northmead​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground  

              Northmead Reserve

              Elizabeth Crescent, Northmead​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Toilets, playground, sporting field  

              Otto Losco Reserve

              2a Allambie Avenue, Northmead​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Walking track, fenced playground  

              Pye Avenue Reserve

              Pye Avenue, Northmead​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities:  Sheltered playground 

              Robin Hood Park

              74 Sherwood Street, Northmead​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  

              Ventura Road Reserve

              Corner Ventura Road and Winton Avenue, Northmead​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities:  Playground, seating 

              Willsford Homes Playground

              8a Kleins Road, Northmead​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  


              George Gollan Reserve

              Philip Street, Oatlands

              Burnside Gollan Reserve

              32Z Strathalbyn Drive, Oatlands
              Features / facilities: Playground

              Old Toongabbie

              Binalong Park

              139 Binalong Road, Old Toongabbie​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Off-street parking, playground, sporting field, cricket nets, netball court  

              Doris Sargeant Park

              6 Chalmers Road, Old Toongabbie​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  

              Gallery Gardens

              83 Picasso Crescent, Old Toongabbie​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  


              Bill Thompson Reserve

              69 Victoria Road, Parramatta​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  

              River Foreshore Reserve

              Along the northern and southern banks of Parramatta River​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, bike path, picnic facilities  

              Jones Park

              Banks Street, Parramatta
              Features / facilities: Toilets, parking, playground, sporting field, cricket nets

              Jubilee Park

              18a Marion Street, Parramatta​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Picnic facilities  

              Noller Park

              48 Inkerman Street, Parramatta​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating, chess table  

              Ollie Webb Reserve

              37a Glebe Street, Parramatta​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, sporting field, bike path, picnic facilities, one-third basketball court  

              Prince Alfred Square

              353d Church Street, Parramatta​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Historic site  

              Reserve on Irving Street

              Irving Street, Parramatta​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  

              Robin thomas reserve

              143 George Street, Parramatta​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Sporting fields, seating  

              Saint Patricks Cemetery

              1 Pennant Hills Road, Parramatta​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Parking, playground, historic site  

              Symonds Avenue Reserve

              16 Gaggin Street, North Parramatta​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Partially fenced playground, seating  

              Tiara Place Park

              Tiara Place, Parramatta​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  

              W.R Musto Playground

              Next to 68 Thomas Street, Parramatta​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Fenced playground, seating  

              Wallawa Reserve

              Inkerman Street, Parramatta​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  

              Pendle Hill

              Joseph Knox Park

              10 Burrabogee Road, Pendle Hill​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  


              Biplane Park

              31 Prospect Street, Rosehill​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  

              Elizabeth Farm Reserve

              72 Alice Street, Rosehill​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Historic site  

              John Irving Park

              4 Jordan Street, Rosehill​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, picnic facilities  


              Bretby Park

              20a Fallon Street, Rydalmere​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Fenced playground, seating  

              Eric Primrose Reserve

              86 John Street, Rydalmere​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Walking track, off-street parking, playground, sporting field, bike path, outdoor exercise stations  

              Hannibal Macarthur Park

              6a Burbang Crescent, Rydalmere​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  

              John Carver Reserve

              400a Victoria Road, Rydalmere​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  

              Ponds/Subiaco Creek Reserve

              15 Sturt Street, Dundas​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Walking track, playground, seating  

              Rydalmere Park

              35 South Street, Rydalmere​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Off-street parking, playground, seating, sporting field, cricket pitch, one-third basketball court  

              Upjohn Park

              73 Kirby Street, Rydalmere​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Toilets, walking track, parking, playground, sporting field, picnic facilities, cricket nets, outdoor exercise stations  


              Deakin Park

              Beaconsfield Street, Silverwater​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Dog off-;eash space, playground, seating 

              Silverwater Reserve

              Clyde Street, Silverwater​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Toilets, off-street parking, playground, picnic facilities, river foreshore location  

              Wilson Park

              Newington Road, Silverwater​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Toilets, off-street parking, spectator seating  

              South Granville

              Bright Park

              53 Guildford Road, Guildford​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, sporting field

              Everley Park

              1 Boundary Street, Chester Hill
              Features / facilities: Walking Track, playground, sporting field, barbeque​​​​​​​

              Horlyck Reserve

              5 Byrnes Street, South Granville
              Features / facilities: Walking track, playground, sporting field

              Norford Park

              4a Boundary Road, Chester Hill
              Features / facilities: Walking track, sporting field

              Ray Marshall Reserve

              2a Erie Street, South Granville
              Features / facilities: walking track, parking, playground, sporting field, barbeque

              Chiswick Road Reserve

              Chiswick Road, South Granville
              ​​​​​​​Features / facilities: Playground

              Kirk Avenue Reserve

              19 Kirk Avenue, Guildford
              Features / facilities: Playground, cycleway


              Elizabeth Macarthur Park

              16 Wilde Street, Telopea​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  

              Homelands Reserve

              12 Homelands Avenue, Telopea​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating, sporting field  

              Sturt Park

              12 Sturt Street, Telopea​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Walking track, playground, sporting field , tennis court, picnic facilities 

              Walter Brown Park

              2a Gibbons Street, Telopea​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Fenced playground, seating  

              William Wade Park

              7a Narrun Crescent, Telopea
              Features / facilities: Playground


              Ambrose Hallen Park

              18a Derbyshire Street, Toongabbie​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  

              McCoy Park

              Mccoy Street, Toongabbie​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Off-street parking, off-leash dog space, playground, sporting field  

              Rausch Street Reserve

              41 Rausche Street, Toongabbie​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  

              Reynolds Park

              2a Chanel Street, Toongabbie​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Walking track, playground, seating, one-third basketball court  

              Ron Hill Park

              2 Cooyong Crescent, Toongabbie​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  

              WilLmot Reserve

              14a Willmot Avenue, Toongabbie​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  


              Frank Hayes Park

              50 Fyall Avenue, Wentworthville​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Shaded playground, seating  

              Peachtree Avenue Reserve

              8 Peachtree Avenue, Wentworthville​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground  

              Shannons Paddock

              14a Darcy Road, Wentworthville​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  

              Thane Street Playground

              24 Thane Street, Wentworthville​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Fenced playground  

              Winston Hills

              Barnett Park

              Barnetts Road, Winston Hills
              Features / facilities: Off-leash dog space  

              Bruce Cole Reserve

              28 Gibbon Road, Winston Hills​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, picnic facilities  

              Caber Park

              22 Clackmannan Road, Winston Hills​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Toilets, off-street parking, playground, sporting field, picnic facilities, bike path, cricket nets, tennis courts  

              Caroline Chisholm Park

              Olympus Street, Winston Hills​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, picnic facilities, tennis courts 

              Hillcrest Avenue Reserve

              19 Hillcrest Avenue​​​​​​​, Winston Hills
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  

              John Berger Reserve

              44 Orchard Avenue, Winston Hills​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, seating  

              John Curtin Reserve

              21 Huxley Drive, Winston Hills​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Bushwalking track, parking, playground, picnic facilities, sporting field, cricket nets  

              Max Ruddock Reserve

              200 Junction Road, Winston Hills​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Sporting field, cricket nets, cricket pitch  

              Model Farms Reserve

              21 Yarrabee Road, Winston Hills​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Walking track, playground, one-third basketball court  

              Palestine Park

              133 Goliath Avenue, Winston Hills​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, picnic facilities  

              Reserve on McMillan Avenue

              7a McMillan Avenue, Winston Hills​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground  

              Third Settlement Reserve

              3 Edison Parade, Winston Hills​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Walking track, playground, bike paths, picnic facilities, netball courts, tennis courts, scout hall  

              Timbergetters Reserve

              150 Junction Road, Winston Hills​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Parking, playground, picnic facilities, rebound wall, tennis courts  

              Winston Hills Lions Park

              22 Churchill Drive, Winston Hills​​​​​​​
              Features / facilities: Playground, bike path, picnic facilities, outdoor exercise stations