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City of Parramatta is excited to share and celebrate our cultural heritage assets and stories. We’re passionate about gathering, preserving and sharing the history and heritage of our dynamic river city at the centre of global Sydney


Within our Library, we have a dedicated Local Studies Research Library and Research Lab for those interested in delving deeper into researching and learning about the history and heritage of Parramatta.

If you are curious about your ancestry, looking to discover the history of your home, where you live, or want to know more about the events of the past, then come and visit. 

Our heritage collections and research services are accessible for individuals, students, researchers, archaeologists, academics and professionals such as planners and architects.

These resources form the corporate memory of our city and neighbourhoods. They include meeting minutes, annual reports, property records, maps, photographs and film footage. Visit the Council archives

These records have been created or gathered by community members and include administrative records, personal papers, ephemera and images. Visit the community archives

Around 100,000 objects comprising archaeological artefacts, culturally significant objects, civic and ceremonial gifts and artworks. Visit the cultural collection

This is a small but interesting collection of images, film, video, oral histories and other sound recordings that capture the history of work and life in Parramatta.

Additionally access to the media collection is online or make an appointment with our Research Lab to view them in person.  Visit the media collection