Seniors Festival 2023 - Stroke Safe Presentation

The Stroke Foundation partners with the community to prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery. We do this through raising awareness, facilitating research and supporting stroke survivors.
The presenter will cover a range of issues that will help your organisation or group better understand stroke and how it can be prevented. This includes:
What stroke is – What happens when someone is having a stroke and the different types of stroke.
How to recognise the signs of stroke – Learn the vital FAST signs which will help you recognise when someone is having a stroke.
What to do if someone is having a stroke – If you or someone else experiences the signs of stroke, no matter how long they last, call 000 immediately.
How to prevent stroke – Steps that can be taken to better understand and reduce the risk of having a stroke. 

Community & Civic, Phive
11:00am - 12:00pm
5 Parramatta Square