Visitor Economy: Bookable Experience Workshop with Viktoria Darabi

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Whether you are budding entrepreneur or a long-established small business in Parramatta, there is a veritable playground of possibilities for generating income from Bookable Experiences ahead of the Western Sydney International Airport opening. If you are keen to be proactive, ‘hit the ground running’ and tap-into the burgeoning visitor economy in Western Sydney, this interactive workshop with Viktoria Darabi will inform and inspire, providing you with practical knowledge, confidence and ideas to get started.

Who Should Attend:
Restauranteurs and Hoteliers
Accommodation Providers
Artisans and Artisanal Food Producers
Food and Craft Market Operators
Attraction, Activity, Recreation Providers
Tour Operators and Guides
Transport Hire Organisations
First Nations, Historic and Heritage Organisations
Small Business Owners seeking new income streams
What We’ll Cover:
WSI Airport Opening Bookable Experiences Opportunity
Understanding the Tourism Landscape in Western Sydney

Identifying Visitor Trends, Market Research and Innovation

Creating Unique Experiences: storytelling, emotion, senses

Collaborating with Local Businesses and Attractions

Sustainable, Accessible & Inclusive Tourism

Marketing and Promotion Strategies - Distribution Booking Software and Channel Manager
Considerations Parramatta specific ideas and team exercises for practice.

About Viktoria:
Viktoria is a Food Culture Tourism Consultant specialising in the Culinary Tourism, Events and Hospitality industries. She is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu’s Masters of Gastronomic Tourism and a US James Beard Foundation Scholarship recipient. Over the last three decades she has been a resident, proactive champion, advocate, mentor and coach for small business in Western Sydney. Along the way, she has developed relationships with stakeholders in government – Tourism, Economic Development and Placemaking - and in the NGO and private sectors of tourism and artisan food and beverage production

Her skills, passion and more than three decades of experience as both a small business owner/operator and corporate contractor, is wholly focused on bringing together - people, food trends, tourism, events and marketing in innovative ways to mitigate disruption, foster economic development and build social cohesion and sustainability in communities.


Business, Phive
10:00am - 12:00pm
Makerspace 1, Level 3, PHIVE
5 Parramatta Square, Parramatta
Free - Registration Required